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Protocol Review and Monitoring System

The University Of Colorado Cancer Center is Colorado's only National Cancer Institute-designated (NCI) Comprehensive Cancer Center. We have received national distinction, in part, due to the PRMS process which gives support and authority to the scientific research conducted at our institution and our consortium partners. 

The NCI mandates that all oncology clinical trials be submitted to the PRMS for review of scientific merit, priorities and progress prior to IRB review. As such, the PRMS has the authority to approve protocols that demonstrate scientific merit and support our institutional mission as well as close trials that do not demonstrate scientific progress. The PRMS has established standardized processes and procedures for implementing these obligations per the NCI guidelines.

The PRMS is responsible for the oversight of: 

Scientific merit, priorities and progress of all oncology related protocols:

  • New protocol submissions
  • Amendment review
  • Accrual monitoring

All information pertaining to the PRMS is located on this website; however, if you require additional information please feel free to contact us at 303-724-7364.

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