Office of Community Outreach & Engagement

What is the Office of Community Outreach & Engagement (COE)

The CU Cancer Center has been deeply involved in advocacy, education, outreach, engagement, and community-engaged research for 37 years. As a vital part of the CU Cancer Center, COE actively advances the center’s plan, aiming to improve health equity and outcomes for every Coloradan. 

We collaborate with CU Cancer Center teams on strategic initiatives focused on preventing cancer, early detection, and supporting survivors to improve education, outreach, early intervention, research, and advocacy throughout the state. Our initiatives are designed with you in mind: identifying emerging concerns, expanding access to care and research, improving access to screenings, and advocating for policy changes.


Reducing Cancer Disparities in Colorado

In 2020, the CU Cancer Center launched five studies that are focused on addressing disparities in care and outcomes for Black and Hispanic communities in Colorado.

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What We Do

We’re on a mission to make a positive impact in Colorado by acting as a bridge between the CU Cancer Center and the communities it serves. Our work is geared towards identifying and addressing barriers to cancer health equity in underserved areas across the state, aiming to reduce Colorado’s overall cancer burden: 

  • We actively collaborate with local communities to understand and address their unique cancer-related needs and challenges, including those disproportionately affected by cancer.
  • We foster collaborative partnerships with community organizations, healthcare providers, and academic institutions to improve access cancer services, treatment and clinical trials.
  • We develop educational programs and awareness campaigns to increase cancer literacy, early detection, screening, prevention and reduce cancer risk.
  • We identify and address social and economic challenges in underserved areas, advocating for policy changes that support cancer prevention, access to care, and equity in treatment outcomes.
  • We continuously monitor and evaluate our initiatives to ensure effectiveness and adapt strategies as needed to meet community needs.

Meet the Team

Our team’s diverse backgrounds fuel our collaborative efforts in community engagement, patient navigation, and educational outreach. From educational outreach to patient navigation and education, we are actively involved in supporting and empowering our community.

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Our Mission

To provide strategic direction and planning for the CU Cancer Center to conduct catchment-focused activities and facilitate research that reduces the cancer burden in Colorado.

Our Vision and Aims

To reduce Colorado’s cancer burden, risk, and disparities through the CU Cancer Center’s scientific, clinical, and community outreach and engagement endeavors. To achieve our mission and vision, COE has three aims:

  1. Monitor and disseminate up-to-date data on the cancer burden, risks, and disparities in the catchment (Colorado).
  2. Facilitate community-engaged research across scientific programs and clinical trials.
  3. Engage communities in dissemination and implementation of interventions in cancer prevention, control, and survivorship.

Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council of the Office of Community Outreach and Engagement aims to close the health disparities gap and reduce incidence and mortality rates from cancer and other diseases by connecting with folks from across Colorado. 

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