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Animal Imaging Shared Resource (RRID: SCR_021980)

The major goal of the small animal imaging program is the establishment of novel imaging approaches to cancer, inflammation, developmental therapeutics using animal models and pharmacodynamic endpoints. State-of-the-art imaging facilities are extremely expensive and require advanced technical personnel. All equipment maintenance, protocol development, quality controls, as well as assistance provided to users of the resource is performed by Natalie Serkova, PhD (Core Director) and Jenna Steiner, AAS, CVT (Core Manager).

  • If you use Cancer Center shared resources, be sure to acknowledge the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA046934) and submit your publications to PubMed Central. Thank you!
  • For all MRI-based animal studies, please acknowledge the NIH high-end shared instrumentation grant S10OD023485
  • For all BLI/FLI/CT animal studies, please acknowledge the NIH SIFAR shared instrumentation grant S10OD27023
  • Please link our AISR Core Research Resource Identification (RRID): University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Cancer Center Animal Imaging Shared Resource Core Facility (RRID:SCR_021980) . When submitting your publication(s) to PubMed Central, please ensure to link the grants to your manuscript and that your publication links to these grants in your NIHreporter.
  • 9.4T Bruker BioSpec MRI Scanner
  • High Resolution Anatomical Imaging
  • Inflammation Imaging
  • Perfusion, Diffusion and Dynamic Contrast Imaging
  • Vessel Size Imaging
  • Revvity IVIS Spectrum
  • Revvity IVIS Spectrum/CT
  • 3D Bioluminescence Imaging (BLI)
  • 3D Fluorescence Imaging (FLI)
  • Anatomical co-registration with Quantum GX2 microCT
    • Revvity Quantum GX2 microCT
    • Siemens Inveon microCT
    • Gated lung and thoracic imaging
    • Bone and contrast-enhanced soft tissue CT
    • High resolution specimen CT
    • Siemens Inveon PET
    • Mediso SPECT/CT (Radiochemistry)
    • 18F and 11C Metabolic Tracer Imaging
    • Peptide Tracer Imaging (Dr. Yubin Miao)
    • Bruker 400 MHz Spectrometer
    • Expanded metabolomics on cells, body fluids and tissues
    • 1H/13C/31P Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
    • RS2000 kV Irradiator
    • Cesium-137 Irradiator
    • X-RAD SmART Image-Guided Radiotherapy


    Contact Us

    Natalie Serkova, PhD
    Core Director
    Office: (303) 724-1086

    Jenna Steiner, AAS, CVT
    Core Manager
    Office: (303) 724-2942

    Soudabeh Kargar, PhD 
    Image Analyst

    Francis G. Garay
    Senior Research Professional
    Office: (303) 724-2499

    Toni T. Mufford, CVT, LATG
    Veterinary Technician III
    Office: (303) 724-2499




    Irradiation Services:

    Tyler Weiskopf
    Research Services Professional


    RC1N Vivarium, Suite 1, Rm 0437

    RC1N Vivarium, Suite 1, Rm 0434

    Optical Imaging/CT: 
    RC1N Vivarium, Suite 1, Rm 0443

    Optical Imaging/CT:
    RC1N Vivarium, Suite 1, Rm 0439

    Optical Imaging/CT:
    AHSB Vivarium, ABSL2+ Suite, Rm 0210

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