Service Prices

ServiceCU Cancer Center Member PricingAcademicCommerical
Biopsy (1H and 31P NMR)$173$247$494
Blood (1H lipid/ WS fractions)$132$176​$352
Cell Extracts (1H, 31P, 13C NMR)*$139$195​$392
Quality Control (2D-NMR)$398$531​$1,063
Minimal Processing (one 1H only)$54$78​$156
Live Animal MRI*$190$271​$542
Bioluminescence (IVIS)$150$200$401
Live Animal CT$146$194$389
Live Animal PET** $120$171​$343
NMR/MRI/PET/CT Analysis​​$75$126​$251

*=tracers/ contrast is not included

**=all PET isotopes will be charged additionally

Additional charges apply for full service

Prices effective through July 01, 2022

All scheduling and billing is done through iLab.