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How to Cite RRID Information

University of Colorado Shared Resources (SR) are supported by the National Cancer Institute through the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA06934).


  • Any published or presented work accomplished using shared resources is required to acknowledge the shared resource with the following statement in the acknowledgments: “This study was supported in part by the National Institutes of Health P30CA06934 funded [fill in name] Shared Resource [RRID (see list below)].”
  • When available during journal submission, identify the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA06934) as an NIH source of support for the research.
  • Any publications resulting from the use of shared resources MUST be filed with PubMed Central and should be linked to the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA046934; PI: Richard Schulick MD) through MyNCBI.
  • Instructions for submitting your publication to PubMed Central can be found here: NIH Public Access Policy.

When available during journal submission, identify the RRID for the shared resource(s) used. 

Research Resource Identification (RRID) provides unique, citable identifiers for research components such as biological reagents, instrumentation, technology platforms, and CORE facilities (noted using "SCR" for the SciCrunch registry of tools and resources). The RRID is listed on the Resource Identification Portal and, when included in a publication, links directly back to the research component cited, making it easier to identify and replicate research findings.

RRIDs for University of Colorado Cancer Center Shared Resources

Animal ImagingRRID:SCR_021980
Small Animal Image-Guided Radiation TherapyRRID:SCR_21996
Cell TechnologiesRRID:SCR_021982
Cell Technologies – Organoid & Tissue ModelingRRID:SCR_021993
Drug Discovery & DevelopmentRRID:SCR_021986
Flow CytometryRRID:SCR_022035
Functional GenomicsRRID:SCR_021987
Human Immune Monitoring (part of HI3)RRID:SCR_021985
Mass Spectrometry (Proteomics & Metabolomics)RRID:SCR_021988
Pre-clinical Human Immune System Modeling (part of HI3)RRID:SCR_021990
Population HealthRRID:SCR_021992
Tissue BiorepositoryRRID:SCR_021989
Molecular TestingRRID:SCR_021995
Research HistologyRRID:SCR_021994
Structural Biology
X-ray CrystallographyRRID:SCR_021998
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