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Functional Genomics Shared Resource (RRID: SCR_021987)

Functional genomics is a sub-specialty of molecular biology that enables exploration of gene and protein function not only at the gene level but also on a genome-wide scale. Technologies such as RNA interference (RNAi) and gene editing (e.g. CRISPR) that interfere or alter gene function allow us to investigate gene function in vertebrate cells in a single experiment. The Functional Genomics Shared Resource (FGSR) provides tools and technologies, for individual genes, pathway-focused genes and genome-wide analysis.

The mission of the FGSR is to catalyze discoveries that will positively impact patient lives and we acheive this by 1) Facilitating access to tools to investigate gene function on a genome-wide scale, 2) Providing protocols and expertise for the use of these tools, and 3) Serving as a forum for scientific exchange and nurturing collaboration in the field of functional genomics.

If you use Cancer Center shared resources, be sure to acknowledge the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA046934) and submit your publications to PubMed Central. Thank you!

Reagents available from FGSR:

  • ​The complete lentiviral shRNA collection from The RNAi Consortium (TRC): 176,283 clones targeting >22,000 unique human genes and 138,538 clones targeting >21,000 unique mouse genes. Also, choose from TRC whole genome or pathway-focused libraries for human or mouse, or get custom shRNA panels.
  • The CCSB-Broad Lentiviral Expression Library for human open reading frames. Choose from over 15,00 sequence-confirmed CMV-driven human ORFs with a C-terminal V5 tag in an expression-ready lentiviral system.
  • The Sanger Arrayed Whole Genome Lentiviral CRISPR Library for editing human genes. Choose from >35,000 clones, 2 unique gRNA per gene.
  • CRISPR pooled libraries from the Zhang lab at the Broad Institute. Choose from human or mouse GeCKO or SAM libraries.

Custom services include:

  • ​Custom cloning: shRNA, ORF, CRISPR
  • Custom CRISPR libraries
  • Genetic Screen Assistance
  • Assistance with cell engineering

Visit the Functional Genomics Facility website for details about services and prices.


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