Consultations are individual meetings with a Qualitative and Mixed Methods Core team member. Consultations may include general discussions, education or other assistance.‚Äč 

What Is and Isn’t Qualitative or Mixed Methods Design? 

Qualitative questions are by nature those which seek to understand ways people interpret and draw meaning from their experiences or try to make sense of the context in which phenomena occur.  Interviews, focus groups, practice observations, and document reviews (of pre-existing text) are common data collection methods to answer qualitative questions.  Surveys are not qualitative methods.

Mixed Methods study designs systematically integrate qualitative (open-ended) and quantitative (closed-ended) data methods to answer research questions.  Integration of data or findings from each occur at data collection, analysis and/or discussion.

What to Expect

Consultations are one to two meetings with a Core team member to receive advice, feedback, and provision of and connection with Qualitative and Mixed Methods resources and references. Collaboration on grant proposals as a co-investigator may result from selected projects, based on the time, content area and resources of the Core members. Some K awards mentorship may be possible.

Consultation Request Process

If you know the Core team member you wish to contact, please still complete the online consultation request form, but feel free to contact that Core team member directly.

Preparation for the Consultation

Your consultation experience will be more efficient and productive if you think about and come prepared to share the following with the Core team member: 

  • your specific question(s) and request,
  • how Qualitative and Mixed Methods fit within your overall research proposal or work

To aid in this process, we ask that you please complete this Consultation Request Form. This form takes less than 5 minutes to complete and is confidential. Your completed form will go to Megan Morris, who will contact you within 1 week of submission to coordinate a consultation meeting.