Space and Extreme Environment Medicine

To us, the sky is not the limit.
It’s the doorstep…

The University of Colorado Aerospace Medicine Program is an interdisciplinary collaboration between experts in medicine, engineering, spaceflight, education, simulation, and remote environment expedition support.


The program aims to support clinical, educational, research, and design projects intended to serve explorers in the most extreme environments on and off Earth.

We run innovative simulation courses, support record-breaking extreme environment expeditions, conduct cutting-edge research, and produce wide-reaching public media.

Our faculty hail from NASA, The NSF, The Wilderness Medical Society, The American Academy of Underwater Sciences, The Wildlife Conservation Society, and International partners.

We have supported and traveled with expeditions to:

  • Antarctica
  • Greenland
  • The Arctic Circle
  • The Himalayas
  • Kilimanjaro
  • The International Space Station
  • Star City Russia
  • the depths of Earth’s oceans
  • Numerous space analogue simulations

Who Will Save Your Life on Mars? | First Responders In Space

In a remote part of southern Utah – at the Mars Desert Research Station to be precise – 21 University of Colorado Boulder aerospace engineering students, a mix of graduate students and undergrads, became Martians. They experienced seven days of hands-on experience practicing medicine in a Martian simulated environment. 


In a different course taught by Dr. Ben Easter, “Martian Medicine Analogue and Research Simulation,” his team teaches physicians, who come from all over the world, about medical emergencies arising in space. The healthcare professionals experience similar trials of communicating on a single radio frequency, trekking over foreign terrain, and prioritizing multiple issues to achieve the best outcome. 

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