We recognize that practices may be overwhelmed by the preparations for the Coronavirus or dealing  with COVID-19, and our projects may not be a priority. We trust you to use your best judgment on balancing the needs of the practice.  Practices may choose not to meet with the PTO and focus their energy on preparedness efforts, or they may choose to meet with the PTO for our projects and use coaching to help them prepare.  Either choice is acceptable.

We will continue to evaluate the impact of the pandemic and post resources on this page.

Colorado COVID-19 Primary Care Vaccination Program (September 2021)

September 16, 2021

Webinar Recording

Presentation Slides


Telehealth During COVID-19: Ensuring Reimbursement

April 2, 2020;  Sponsored by Practice Innovation Program and Telligen

Presentation Slides;  Presentation Recording;  Q & A Responses and Resources

Telehealth/Virtual Visits

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