GEM Testimonials

“Prior to GEM my attitude towards food was basically eat whatever I wanted, not considering the effects it had on my blood sugar and exercise was never monitored or done on a regular basis. After the GEM my attitude towards food has completely changed. Knowing how certain foods effect my blood sugar helps me make choices about what foods I consume. The benefits of the program have been dramatic. My A1c dropped from 7.3 to 5.7. I lost 16% of my body weight and my blood pressure has decreased significantly. My primary care physician has stopped my Metformin completely and we are in the process of reducing my blood pressure medications. Energy levels are higher and my overall lookout on my health is very positive. One practice I continually emphasize is mindful eating. Enjoy the food you eat and understand the effect it has on your health.

“I was diagnosed with prediabetes in 2010 with an A1C of 6.0.  At that time, I ate whatever I wanted. I didn’t enjoy exercise and found it difficult to be consistent. I watched my A1c slowly rise to 8.0. I was worried about the results and I did not want to begin insulin injections. When I began this program, I was determined to learn how to manage my diabetes with my diet and exercise. I threw out or gave away all of the high carbohydrate foods in my home. I started to eat protein and fruit more frequently and exercise 5 days a week. These changes dropped my A1c to 6.3 and then to 5.5. Overall, this program was a lifesaver (literally) for me. I still enjoy my food and I find exercise much more worthwhile. I feel better. I have less fatigue, more energy, and a lower A1c.”

“Before the GEM program, my attitude toward food was to eat whatever I liked. My exercise was shotty at best, only going to the gym a couple times per month. Once I started the GEM program , I realized that it was time to “get on board”, take things seriously, and actively manage my diabetes. For me, the feedback I got in real time from the CGM had the most impact on the food and exercise choices that I made.  I knew that I could affect my blood glucose by what I ate, when I ate it, and walking after a meal. My A1c dropped from 7.6 to 5.8 in about 3 months!  Now it is 5.5.  I feel better, look better, and weigh 20 lbs less.”

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