Food Options

Below is a list of some common foods and drinks, their net carbohydrates, and generally how much one serving of these foods could raise your blood glucose (BG).

  • Always read nutrient labels to find the Net Carbohydrates (Total Carbohydrates – Fiber)
  • As a rule of thumb, 1g of net carbohydrates raises BG about 4 points.
  • In gray at the end of each category below are comparison foods or drinks which are not low carb.
  • For foods of interest to you that are not listed below, use the USDA database to find nutritional values  
FoodServing sizeNet carbohydrates (g)Possible BG rise


Asparagus: grilled, baked½ c (~5 spears)1.937.72
Beets: canned1c (slices)9.2436.96
Bell pepper1 pepper624
Broccoli1c (chopped)3.6714.68
Brussels sprouts1c4.5418.16
Cabbage1c (chopped)2.9411.76
Cauliflower: mashed, flowered, steaks, riced1c2.9811.92
Cucumber1c (chopped)2.088.32
Green beans1c4.0416.16
Lettuce: salads, wraps1c (salad)1.244.96
Mushrooms1 medium0.62
Squash: butternut, summer, spaghetti, acorn1c15 (butternut)
2.54 (summer)
5.46 (spaghetti)
12.5 (acorn)
60 (butternut)
10.16 (summer)
21.84 (spaghetti)
50.00 (acorn)
Tomatoes1c (sliced)4.8419.36
Turnips: mashed, raw, baked1c6.02 (raw)
2.85 (cooked)
24.08 (raw)
11.40 (cooked)
Zucchini: baked, raw sliced, stir-fried, spiralized1c3.00 (baked, sliced)
2.40 (raw, sliced)
6.40 (stir-fried)
4.00 (spiralized)
12.00 (baked, sliced)
9.60 (raw, sliced)
25.60 (stir-fried)
16.00 (spiralized)
Corn on the cob1 ear35.07140.28
Potato (white/sweet): baked, fried1c (diced)25.95 (white, baked)
41.35 (sweet, baked)
12.82 (white, fried, frozen)
10.14 (white, fried, fresh)
17.1 (sweet, fried, frozen)
9.06 (sweet, fried, fresh)
103.8 (white, baked)
165.4 (sweet, baked)
51.28 (white, fried, frozen)
40.56 (white, fried, fresh)
68.4 (sweet, fried, frozen) 36.24 (sweet, fried, fresh)


Tofu½ c2.39
Baked beans: cooked½ c21.6986.76
Mung beans½ c48.15 (raw)192.60
Black beans: cooked½ c824
Black-eyed peas: canned½ c15.4561.80
Green/snap/string beans1c3.96 (green)
4.27 (snap)
4.27 (string)
15.84 (green)
17.08 (snap)
17.08 (string)
Kidney beans½ c32.10 (raw)
14.02 (cooked)
128.40 (raw)
56.08 (cooked)
Split peas½ c38.75 (raw)
12.50 (cooked)
155.00 (raw)
50.00 (cooked)
Sugar snap peas1c6.2324.92


Beers: most types12oz bottle12.7050.80
Coffee: black12oz<1.00 
Soft drinks: 0 calories12oz can1.044.16
Tea: no sugar12oz<1.00 
Tomato juice: no sugarper oz~1.00/oz~4.00/oz
Water: tap, flavored seltzer, fruit infused1c0.00 (tap)
2.74 (Propel)
13.2 (Vitamin Water)
0.00 (tap)
10.96 (Propel)
52.80 (Vitamin Water)
Wine: dry1 glass, standard4.70 (red/white)
14.40 (dessert)
18.80 (red/white)
57.60 (dessert)
CocaCola12oz can39.00156.00

Energy/meal bars

Atkins bars1312
Quest bars: Mint Chocolate Chip114
SlimFast11-2 (snacks)
4 (meal)
4-8 (snacks)
16 (meal)
Cliff Bar139.5158.0


Apricots: fresh13.212.8
Blueberries½ c728
Cantaloupe: fresh1c11.345.2
Cherries: fresh 1c19.276.8
Grapefruit: fresh½ 1040
Peach: fresh113.955.6
Plum: fresh16.626.4
Pear: fresh121.686.4
Star Fruit1c416
Strawberries: fresh1c8.232.8
Watermelon: fresh½ c5.581.6


Shirataki noodles4oz0.72.8
Simply Natural Spaghetti: Edamame or Black Bean4oz6 (edamame)
8 (black bean)
24 (edamame)
32 (black bean)
Spaghetti: whole grain2oz34136


Tortillas: made from almond flour1 shell or tortilla312
Keto bread1 slice00
Keto hamburger buns2 halves28
Biscuits: made from coconut or almond flour1 biscuit2.510
White bread1 slice1352


Beef jerky 0g0
Cashews: salted1oz7.630.4
Cheese1oz0.4 (Swiss)
0.5 (cheddar)
0.6 (provolone)
0.7 (blue)
0.8 (mozzarella)
0.9 (parmesan)
1.6 (Swiss)
2.0 (cheddar)
2.4 (provolone)
2.8 (blue)
3.2 (mozzarella)
3.6 (parmesan)
Chia seeds1oz2.28.8
Edamame½ c3.714.8
ChipsPotato 1oz13.755.4
Olives10 olives1.56.0
Parsnip chips12 chips2.08.0
Pork rinds1oz00
Peanut M&Ms: small bag1 fun-size bag10.240.8
Pickles11.5 (dill/sour)
20.0+ (sweet)
6.0 (dill/sour)
80.0+ (sweet)
Peppers1c, chopped5.15 (bell)
2.4 (banana)
3.1 (jalapeno)
20.60 (bell)
9.6 (banana)
12.4 (jalapeno)
Pumpkin seeds1oz1.87.2
Sunflower seeds1oz1.35.2
Chex Mix½ c19.477.6


Almond flour1c12.048.0
Coconut flour1c24.096.0
Sunflower seed flour1c19.678.4
Regular white flour:1c88.0352.0


Butter0 0
Cream: vanilla2tbsp2.18.4
Cream cheese2tbsp3.514
Sour cream0 0
Cottage cheese1oz1.14.4
Milk: whole, almond, soy1c11.7 (whole)
7.0 (almond)
13.5 (soy)
46.8 (whole)
28.0 (almond)
54.0 (soy)
Yogurt: Greek, plain full fat3 oz4.518
Ice cream, Rebel, Triple chocolate½ c520
Ice cream: Breyers CarbSmart½ c416
Yogurt: Dannon blueberry1c1768
Stevia1 packet<1 
Sucralose (Splenda)1 packet14
Sugar1 packet416


Hot sauce 00
Lemon, whole1 cup14
Mustard1 tablespoon0.31
Mayonnaise1 tablespoon0.11
Olive oil 00
Ketchup1 tablespoon4.518


Meal Ideas


  • Sautéed vegetables (e.g. spinach, onion, mushrooms), scrambled with egg or egg whites, topped with shredded cheese
  • Greek plain yogurt or cottage cheese, with fresh fruit (not very ripe), with mixed nuts
  • Egg (any style), lean protein, fresh fruit, keto toast with butter


  • Salad with a variety of vegetables topped with chicken, shrimp, cheese or egg with olive oil & vinegar dressing
  • Meat and cheese roll-ups with lettuce and hummus or mustard
  • Meat and cheese sandwich on Keto bread with vegetables
  • Homemade low-carb soup & side salad
  • Dinner leftovers



  1. Olives
  2. Dill pickle
  3. Mixed nuts
  4. Raw vegetables
  5. Hard cheese
  6. Salami
  7. Hardboiled egg
  8. Sliced meat


  1. Tap water
  2. Flavored seltzer water (no sugar)
  3. Black coffee
  4. One glass of dry red or white wine
  5. Selected beers

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