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Sean Oser

Sean M. Oser, MD, MPH 

Director, Practice Innovation Program

Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine

Associate Director, Primary Care Diabetes Lab


perry d

Perry Dickinson, MD

Director Emeritus, Practice Innovation Program


Bonnie Jortberg, PhD, RD

Associate Director, Practice Innovation Program
Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine

Kyle K

Kyle Knierim, MD

Associate Director, Practice Innovation Program
Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine

Tamara Oser

Tamara Oser

Associate Director, Practice Innovation Program
Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine
Founder and Director, Primary Care Diabetes Lab

    Stephanie Kirchner

    Stephanie Kirchner, MSPH, RD

    Senior Instructor, Department of Family Medicine
    Practice Transformation Program Manager

    allyson g

    Allyson Gottsman

    Colorado Health Extension System Program Manager



    Kristin Crispe, MPH

    Title: Operations Manager
    Email: Kristin.Crispe@cuanschutz.edu
    Role: Project Manager for several Practice Innovation Program initiatives and provides program-wide support for cross-initiative coordination.


    Lauren Quintana, MS

    Title: Program Manager
    Email: Lauren.t.Quintana@cuanschutz.edu
    Role: Provides programmatic support for Practice Innovation Program initiatives.

    Jessica Parascando-Green

    Jessica Parascando

    Title: Program Manager, Primary Care Diabetes Lab
    Program Manager, Practice Innovation Program
    Email: Jessica.Parascando@cuanschutz.edu

    The Practice Innovation Team



    Thomas Bao

    Title: Research Services Senior Professional
    Email: Thomas.Bao@cuanschutz.edu


      Andrew Bienstock, MHA

      Title: Health Care Program Director
      Email: Andrew.Bienstock@cuanschutz.edu
      Role: PIPCO Clinical Health Information Technology Advisor Program Manager

      Taryn Research Services Senior Professional / ENACT Group Visits Researcher

      Taryn Bogdewiecz

      Title: Research Services Senior Professional / ENACT Group Visits Researcher
      Email: Taryn.Bogdewiecz @cuanschutz.edu

      Natalie Buys

      Natalie Buys

      Title: Grants and Contracts Manager
      Email: Natalie.Buys@cuanschutz.edu
      Role: Project financial management and contracting.


      Kathy Cebuhar, MA

      Title: Practice Innovation Health Care Implementation Lead
      Email: Kathy.Cebuhar@cuanschutz.edu
      Role: Practice facilitation and project implementation, coordinates Learning Community events and opportunities for Practice Transformation Organizations, Regional Health Connectors and practice partners


      Miriam Dickinson, PhD

      Title: Practice Transformation Program Manager
      Email:  Miriam.Dickinson@cuanschutz.edu
      Role:  Focus is research study integrity, randomization, IRB, data analysis, and liaison with national evaluation team.


      Doug Fernald, MA

      Title: Evaluation, Qualitative Lead
      Email: Doug.Fernald@cuanschutz.edu
      Role: Oversees qualitative portions of the projects protocols, co–leader of the Evaluation and Research Workgroup, works with practice facilitators to ensure data collection and feedback.


      Bertha Gonzalez

      Title: Practice Innovation Coordinator 
      Email:  Bertha.A.Gonzalez@cuanschutz.edu
      Role: Project and staff support for the Practice Innovation Team


      Mark Gritz, PhD

      Title: Director of Operations
      Email: Mark.Gritz@cuanschutz.edu
      Role: Works with the PI, Project Manager, and other project leads to support timely execution, to meet deliverables and contribute to evaluation.


      Jennifer Halfacre

      Title: CHITA/Practice Facilitator
      Email: Jennifer.Halfacre@cuanschutz.edu
      Role: Provides health IT support to the Practice Innovation Program.


      Tristen Hall, MPH

      Title: Senior Professional Research Assistant
      Email: Tristen.Hall@cuanschutz.edu
      Role: Provides qualitative research assistance to the evaluation of projects, including data collection, analysis, and writing.


      Ashley Sherrill, MS

      Title: Senior Professional Research Assistant
      Email: Ashley.Sherrill@cuanschutz.edu
      Role: Provides programmatic support, including data management and analysis across research projects associated with the Department of Family Medicine.


      Elizabeth Staton, MSTC

      Title: Medical Writer
      Email: Elizabeth.Staton@cuanschutz.edu
      Role: Writes and revises written documents for projects, advises on communication aspects for the project.


      Robyn Wearner, RDN, MA, PMP

      Title: CUeLearning Manager/Instructional Designer
      Email: Robyn.Wearner@cuanschutz.edu
      Role: An Instructional Designer and co-author of e-Learning modules. Focused on patient engagement and self-management support to advance primary care.

      Practice Innovation Program

      CU Anschutz

      Academic Office One

      12631 East 17th Avenue

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