Staff Directory


perry d

Perry Dickinson, MD

Director, Practice Innovation Program

Kyle K

Kyle Knierim, MD

Associate Professor
Associate Director of Practice Transformation

Stephanie Kirchner

Stephanie Kirchner, MSPH, RD

Instructor, Department of Family Medicine
Practice Transformation Program Manager

allyson g

Allyson Gottsman

Colorado Health Extension System Program Manager

The Practice Innovation Team


Mollie Bailey

Title: Business Services Senior Professional
Role: Staff and project support in the Department of Family Medicine and direct support to the Director of Practice Innovation.

Natalie Buys

Title: Grants and Contracts Manager
Role: Project financial management and contracting.

Kristin Crispe, MPH

Title: Operations Manager
Initiative: ISP, 6BB, Opioid Management, ICWB
Role: Project Manager for several Practice Innovation Program initiatives and provides program-wide support for cross-initiative coordination.

Dionisia de la Cerda, MPA

Title: Data Manager and Associate Director Diversity & Health Equity - DFM
Role: Manage the data for the Practice Innovation Program. Lead Equity initiatives for PIP, and co-direct the Department of Family Medicines Diversity and Health Equity program.

Miriam Dickinson, PhD

Title: Practice Transformation Program Manager
Initiative: ENSW
Role:  Focus is research study integrity, randomization, IRB, data analysis, and liaison with national evaluation team.

Doug Fernald, MA

Title: Evaluation, Qualitative Lead
Initiative: ENSW
Role: Oversees qualitative portions of the ENSW protocol, co–leader of the Evaluation and Research Workgroup, works with practice facilitators to ensure data collection and feedback.

Mark Gritz, PhD

Title: Director of Operations
Initiative: ENSW, SIM
Role: Works with the PI, Project Manager, and other project leads to support timely execution, to meet deliverables and contribute to evaluation.

Jennifer Halfacre

Title: CHITA/Practice Facilitator
Initiative: FAST, ISP
Role: Provides health IT support to the FAST and ISP programs.

Tristen Hall, MPH

Title: Senior Professional Research Assistant
Initiative: ENSW
Role: Provides qualitative research assistance to the evaluation of ENSW, including data collection, analysis, and writing.

Bonnie Jortberg, PhD, RD

Title: e-Learning Team Lead
Initiative: ENSW, SIM
Role: e-Learning Program Director and co-author of the PCMH, ENSW, and SIM e-Learning modules. Dr. Jortberg’s work is focused on patient engagement and self-management support to advance primary care.


Sarai Morales

Title: Research Assistant
Initiative: FAST, ISP
Role: A Student Assistant IV verifies data and enters data into a computer database such as Redcap or spreadsheet application for subsequent analysis. Review, edit, and clarify data to ensure completeness and accuracy of information of FAST and ISP.

Kristin Owens

Title: IT Program Manager 
Initiative: SPLIT
Role: Project manager for the SPLIT software project.

Lauren Quintana, MS

Title: Research Services Senior Professional 
Initiative: Opioid Management
Role: Provides programmatic support for Opioid Management projects and other Practice Innovation Program initiatives.

Ashley Sherrill, MS

Title: Senior Professional Research Assistant
Initiative: ISP, FAST, Working Minds, Sleep Apnea
Role: Provides programmatic support, including data management and analysis across research projects associated with the Department of Family Medicine.


Elizabeth Staton, MSTC

Title: Medical Writer
Initiative: ENSW
Role: Writes and revises written documents for ENSW, advises on communication aspects for the project.

Heather Stocker, MA

Title: Project Manager
Initiative: Behavioral health and substance use disorder related projects including jail-based efforts, suicide risk and prevention, and crisis related initiatives
Role: Project Manager

Andrew Bienstock, MHA

Title: Health Care Program Director
Initiative: Evidence Now Unhealthy Alcohol Use project, Six Building Blocks, Innovation Support Program, and the RoMoNOH project
Role: PIPCO Clinical Health Information Technology Advisor Program Manager

Robyn Wearner, RDN, MA, PMP

Title: CUeLearning Manager/Instructional Designer
Role: An Instructional Designer and co-author of PCMH, ENSW and SIM e-Learning modules. Focused on patient engagement and self-management support to advance primary care.

Kathy Cebuhar, MA

Title: Practice Innovation Health Care Implementation Lead
Role: Practice facilitation and project implementation, coordinates Learning Community events and opportunities for Practice Transformation Organizations, Regional Health Connectors and practice partners

Sean Oser, MD, MPH


Henrietta Williams

Title: Practice Innovation Specialist
Initiative: ICWB
Role: Provides programmatic support for ICWB, SPLIT and other Practice Innovation Program initiatives.