What is the Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM)?


SIM Overview and Resource Page

The State of Colorado received funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) under the State Innovation Model (SIM) initiative to implement and test its State Health Care Innovation Plan over a four-year period, beginning in February 2015 through July 2019. Colorado’s plan, entitled “The Colorado Framework,” was poised to create a system of clinic-based and public health supports to spur innovation.

The Practice Innovation Program was instrumental in helping actualize this plan, working in concert with the SIM office to achieve the goal of improving the health of Coloradans by increasing access to integrated physical and behavioral healthcare services in coordinated systems and encouraging SIM practices to test value-based payment structures.


Integrating Behavioral Health

Over the course of the SIM initiative, 319 primary care practices and four bi-directional health homes participated, contributing to SIM’s aim to influence the healthcare of 80% of Colorado residents through its efforts.

Foundational Resources

*These resources were created as part of the CMS SIM initiative that ran from February 2015 – July 2019. The information on this page and the associated documents have not been updated since the conclusion of the initiative. 


SIM Highlights

  • Over 85% of practices in all three SIM Cohorts indicated that participating in the SIM Initiative had assisted the practice site in its work to improve integration of behavioral and physical health.

  • Over the course of the initiative, 14 Collaborative Learning Sessions (CLS) were held across the state with over 3000 clinicians, practice staff, behavioral health providers, and other stakeholders in attendance.

  • Approximately 38,000 individual surveys, comprised of SIM assessments, Practice Rosters, clinical quality measure, and field note submissions were administered through SPLIT across SIM cohorts.

Cohort 2 & 3

  • Over 50% (53.51%) of practice sites participating in SIM indicated the practice changed its budgeting or business practices in preparation for alternative payment models as a result of the SIM initiative.
  • Approximately 33% of practice sites participating in SIM had an increase in the percentage of practice site revenue from sources other than fee-for-service because of participation in SIM.

Practice Innovation Program

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