Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee is comprised of a group of residents across classes with the goal of promoting a culture of physical and emotional well-being. We work to plan and implement activities and other wellness initiatives to foster a culture of resiliency and support, and also provide a creative outlet for individuals to have fun and try new things!

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Intern Support Groups 

We have peer-led (PL2/3) support groups that help interns cope with some of the common challenges that are faced in residency.

Other Initiatives

  • Monthly noon conference
  • Wellness Bingo
  • Plant exchanges
  • Group hikes
  • Ski trips
  • Big-Little Sibling pairing
  • Lawn Game Olympics
  • Playtime with medical dogs
  • And more!


Annual class retreats address topics such as team-building, personal health, career development, and program training.

The PL-1 class attends an overnight retreat in the mountains every September, during which interns continue to bond, discuss their experiences, and explore the outdoors. They also attend a "Halfway High-Five" dinner that celebrates their progress halfway through the year. 

The PL-2 class enjoys quarterly check-ins and a yearly rising PL-3 retreat to learn about supervisor best practices, receive escalation training, and discuss rotation specifics. 

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Special Events

The program welcomes the new interns to Denver each year with a catered barbecue at the home of Dr. Adam Rosenberg, our program director. A reception is also held early in the academic year to allow interns to meet their new faculty mentors.

The Holiday Party in December gives all residents a night off to celebrate the end of the year with dinner and dancing.

Our department chair, Dr. Stephen Daniels, invites the PL-1 class to dinner in the fall and hosts an informal celebration dinner in May for the graduating PL-3s.

The PL-3s also have a formal completion dinner in June at which a faculty member speaks about each graduating resident.

And finally, each spring the residents and faculty gather for the infamous Skit Night, where each class tries to outdo the others with the evermore involved and hilarious videos and musical performances.

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Health Half-Days

Our residents receive three protected half days each year to make medical, dental, mental health appointments as well as attend to other life matters! Residents can use these half days however they like. 

Our PL-1s are also scheduled for two additional half-days, one where they are able to meet with a therapist who specializes in treating medical professionals and another to meet with their dedicated PCP.

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Our residents are well supported by each other, the pediatric chief residents, faculty, program directors, program coordinators, and scheduler!

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