Stephen Daniels, MD, PhD

steve daniels

Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatrics
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Pediatrician-in-Chief, Children’s Hospital Colorado

Dr. Daniels’ area of expertise is preventive cardiology, with a longtime interest in the application of sophisticated epidemiologic and biostatistical methods to pediatric clinical research problems. His studies have focused on better understanding the causes of blood pressure elevation and cholesterol abnormalities in children and adolescents, particularly the role that obesity may play in these health issues. He has also researched the development of structural and functional abnormalities in the heart and vascular system, including cardiovascular abnormalities occurring in pediatric patients with diabetes mellitus, as well as the relationship of left ventricular hypertrophy to obesity and hypertension. The role of lifestyle factors, such as diet and physical activity, is central to many of Dr. Daniels’ studies.

Dr. Daniels has served as Associate Editor for the Journal of Pediatrics since 1995. He is co-author of Medical Epidemiology, an introductory textbook for medical students, and co-author and editor of the book Pediatric Prevention of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease. In 2015, he was awarded the Gold Heart Award by the American Heart Association, which is the AHA’s highest volunteer honor. In 2020, Dr. Daniels was elected into membership in the American Association of Physicians and was formally inducted in 2021.

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Vice Chairs

Nancy Krebs, MD 


As Associate Vice Chair for Academic Affairs in the Department of Pediatrics, I advise on academic appointments, midpoint reviews, promotion, and tenure awards. I counsel faculty regarding their academic progression and promotion readiness. I serve as Co-Chair of the Promotions and Tenure Committee, support the Department’s Midpoint Review Committee, and represent our department to the SOM Office of Faculty Affairs. I work closely with the Vice Chair for Academic Affairs, Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs, Associate Vice Chair for Volunteer Clinical Faculty, and other DOP leadership. I can be contacted with questions via email at nancy.krebs@cuanschutz.edu, and via Rhonda Buckner, Academic Affairs Coordinator, at Rhonda.Buckner@childrenscolorado.org.

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Mark Abzug, MD


As Vice Chair for Academic Affairs, I oversee the Academic Affairs program of the Department of Pediatrics, including appointments, midpoint reviews, promotion, and tenure awards. I provide counseling to faculty on academic rank and advancement and promotion readiness and provide guidance regarding midpoint, promotion, and tenure reviews. I serve as Co-Chair of the Department of Pediatrics Promotions and Tenure Committee, provide support to the Department of Pediatrics Midpoint Review Committee, and represent our department to the SOM Office of Faculty Affairs. I collaborate with the Associate Vice Chair for Academic Affairs, Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs, Associate Vice Chair for Volunteer Clinical Faculty, and Associate Vice Chair for Provider Faculty Well-Being and Resilience. I can be contacted with questions via email at mark.abzug@childrenscolorado.org and through Rhonda Buckner, Department of Pediatrics Academic Affairs Coordinator, at Rhonda.Buckner@childrenscolorado.org to schedule an appointment.

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Andrew  Sirotnak, MD

Andy Sirotnak2017

My role as Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs is to provide a venue for confidential support, career satisfaction counseling, assistance with conflict management, mediation, and professionalism concerns. I oversee faculty initiatives in mentoring, faculty development, and the annual PRISM performance review process. As this large scope of work is fundamental to successful faculty career advancement, I collaborate with our vice chair for Academic Affairs colleagues. I also partner with DOP associate vice chairs for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Provider Faculty Well-Being and Resilience. I am starting work with the DOP and Children’s Colorado Talent Development on an integrated approach to coaching services. Contact me directly at andrew.sirotnak@childrenscolorado.org for questions or support or our Faculty Affairs Coordinator Justin.Lotspeich@childrenscolorado.org​ for appointments.

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Tim Givens, MD


My role as Vice Chair for Clinical Operations is—as leader of a an excellent team of professionals skilled in business support, data analysis, process improvement, and project management—to oversee all clinical activity within the DOP; to develop systems and processes that enhance productivity and efficiency in clinical care delivery; and at the same time foster an environment that allows our faculty to flourish and experience joy in their interactions with patients, families, and other clinical care team members. This body of work encompasses definition of faculty work effort (CFTE) and assigning credit for a wide variety of faculty clinical experiences; integrating this clinical effort with our other academic missions and tying it to section budgets through the CARE model initiative; gathering and analyzing data to make the case for hiring to meet workforce needs; refining workflows to promote a more enjoyable clinical experience and decrease burnout (EMR enhancements, scheduling initiatives, top-of-scope personnel assignments, telehealth opportunities, etc.); and assisting in the creation of novel clinical programs and services (2nd opinion, e-consult, diagnostic dilemma clinic, precision medicine, immune dysregulation service, etc.). For these and related issues, contact me directly or my assistant Selina.Ostberg@childrenscolorado.org to schedule an appointment.

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Dave Keller, MD


As Vice Chair for Clinical Strategy and Transformation, I work with our faculty to adapt their practice to the rapidly changing work of value-based payment in the public and private sectors, and I represent the child health perspective in discussions with policy makers throughout the University as well as in State and Federal governments. I oversee initiatives in a variety of areas such as e-consults, integration of behavioral health services, outreach clinics, care coordination, primary care redesign, and Medicaid supplemental payment projects within the DOP. I collaborate with our Vice Chairs of Finance, Clinical Operations, and Policy and Advocacy to support a diverse portfolio of initiatives with the DOP. Contact me directly, or my assistant, Selina.Ostberg@childrenscolorado.org, to schedule an appointment.

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Brandi K Freeman, MD, MS


As the Associate Vice Chair for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) for the Department of Pediatrics, I am responsible for the multiple dimensions of DEI within the DOP. I work closely with our Children’s Hospital of Colorado partners, pediatric faculty, and DOP Section and School of Medicine leadership to further our mission of DEI. I chair the Department of Pediatrics Diversity and Inclusion committee made up of faculty and staff committed to furthering our DEI mission and vision. Contact me directly for questions/consultation related to DEI issues or our coordinator, Rhonda.Buckner@childrenscolorado.org, for scheduling an appointment.

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Mary Kohn, MD


As Associate Vice Chair for Volunteer Clinical Faculty, my overall goal in this role is to recognize and serve the community faculty who share in the Department of Pediatrics’ teaching mission. My charge is to recruit, retain, and reward the volunteer clinical faculty. This work involves outreach to providers, encouraging them to precept our medical and physician assistant students as well as residents. I oversee the Community Faculty Affairs Committee, appointments and promotions, and communications. I work with the DOP’s education team to help fill their needs for preceptors. Current initiatives include creating educational programming, improving recognition, and helping to transition community-based providers into the new Longitudinal Integrated Curriculum. Please contact me directly at mary.kohn@cuanschutz.edu.

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Jenny Reese, MD


Associate Vice Chair for Faculty Well-Being and Resilience, Medical Director of Provider Well-being for Children’s Hospital Colorado, and Director of Faculty Well-being, Department of Pediatrics, University of Colorado School of Medicine. In these roles, Dr. Reese will help lead efforts to promote well-being through individual practice training and systems-based efforts. Peer support programs and team-based interventions are available. Dr. Reese leads the CHCO Faculty Well-being Advisory Committee. If you would like more information about this committee or are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Reese at jennifer.reese@childrencolorado.org.

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Randall Wilkening, MD


As Vice Chair for Clinical Practice, my focus has been as the interface between CU Medicine, the Department of Pediatrics and, to some extent, Children’s Hospital Colorado. Within CU Medicine, over the years I have served on the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, several committees of the organization, including, currently, the Board Finance Committee. In these various capacities, I have been able to advocate both on behalf of the Department of Pediatrics and on behalf of the School of Medicine Faculty. Along with Mike Jonen and his administrative team, we monitor, review and create systems for the operational interface between CU Medicine and the Sections in the Department. I can be contacted at Randall.Wilkening@cuanschutz.edu.

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Shale Wong, MD


As Vice Chair for Policy and Advocacy, my role is to elevate the priorities and strategies across the department to advocate for equitable child health. In every mission area for pediatrics  research, education and clinical excellence, there is alignment with advocacy and policy. Our faculty are leaders in each of these arenas, together advocating for children. I strive to strengthen the strategic mission to support faculty in their commitment to advocacy, help connect and translate their research to inform evidence-based policy and serve the community to advocate for marginalized populations. I aim to help faculty focus their advocacy interests, build partnerships, and understand the interface of service and scholarship. Working with the team of vice chairs, we identify the through-line of advocacy and policy issues across the department and develop opportunities to partner with Children’s Hospital Colorado and the American Academy of Pediatrics to improve health for children with their families and in their communities. Please contact me at shale.wong@cuanschutz.edu or with support from Conoshia Odum at conoshia.odum@cuanschutz.edu.

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Tom Parker, MD


As Interim Vice Chair for Education, my focus is to provide support for the educational mission of the Department. This includes trying to foster a greater sense of community among our educators though the creation of education-focused seminars, to improve the Department’s recognition of teaching commitment and excellence, and to improve our collaboration across the Departmental sites at which education occurs (including community practice partners, Denver Health, and Colorado Springs). Working with leaders of our student, residency, and fellowship programs, I try to identify opportunities for collaboration in how we approach medical education broadly. Current areas of focus include  increasing our capacity to undertake and mentor trainees in medical education research and improving recruitment and retention of diverse trainees. If you have questions or suggestions for improving our educational efforts, please contact me at thomas.parker@childrenscolorado.org

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Christine Waasdorp Hurtado, MD, MSCS

Christine Waasdorp

As the Southern Colorado Executive Faculty Director, I am the primary point of contact between Colorado Springs (COS) medical directors and faculty and the Department of Pediatrics. I work with COS Medical/Program Directors to develop a clear vision for growth and management of subspecialty pediatrics in Southern Colorado and provide oversight and direction for the clinical roadmap for COS. I advocate for investment and improvement of current and future programs to support the growth and needs of the faculty.  To meet these goals, I will identify opportunities for increased communication and collaboration between our faculty and with our peers across the department. In conjunction with department leaders, I provide support of faculty in both their clinical and academic work with an intention of creating an environment where faculty experience career satisfaction. I work in conjunction with the Southern Colorado Associate Executive Faculty Director to accomplish these goals. You can contact me directly at Christine.waasdorp@childrenscolorado.org or my assistant Deborah.Steinkirchner@childrenscolorado.org to schedule appointments.

Michael Wittkamp, MD, FAAP

Michael Wittkamp

In my role as the Southern Colorado Associate Executive Faculty Director I work to support the CU Department of Pediatrics faculty in Colorado Springs. Coordinating efforts of the Department leadership and advocating for the needs and interests of our faculty is essential in realizing the full potential of our mission in the Colorado Southern Region. Under the leadership of the Executive Director we seek strategic growth of our clinical offerings to the larger patient community while actively building an environment that continues to attract and develop the most talented faculty possible. Please contact me at michael.wittkamp@childrenscolorado.org, or you through my assistant at corrina.ramlogan@childrenscolorado.org.

Kristen Nadeau, MD

Headshot of Kristen Nadeau, MD, MSAs Vice Chair for Clinical and Translational Research, I oversee the clinical and translational research activities of the Department and serve as a member of the Department’s senior leadership team and advisor to the Chair. My goal is to collaborate and communicate effectively with T1-T4 scientists and research programs within the Department and across the Anschutz Medical Campus and Children’s Hospital Colorado system to create a professional and positive environment for the conduct of clinical and translational research work. I will work collaboratively with the Vice Chair for Basic Science in support of various research related activities and initiatives including research education program development, research faculty mentorship and career development, and research strategy. My role is responsible for building and maintaining an effective working partnership with the Children’s Hospital Colorado Chief Scientific Officer and program leaders within the CHCO Child Health Research Enterprise (CHRE). My position serves as a liaison between departmental leadership, clinical and translational research leaders at the School of Medicine, and research leaders across campus to identify best practices and additional opportunities for multidisciplinary interactions.