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Those who are interested in applying for a volunteer clinical faculty appointment can refer to the Clinical Faculty Appointment Process section.

Current clinical faculty can review the Renewals and Promotions section for more information on maintaining their status or being considered for a promotion.

To open, review, and download the forms to start the application or promotions process visit our Forms section.

Clinical Faculty Appointment Process

  • Submit a common electronic application (Volunteer Clinical Faculty Application). This application is designed for the entire University of Colorado School of Medicine (CU SOM).
  • To apply in our department, (within the application) choose "Pediatrics" for Primary Department you are Interested in Joining.
  • Please note: a background check will be required in order to complete the application.
  • The Department of Pediatrics Clinical Faculty Sub-Committee on Appointment and Promotions, the CU SOM Committee on Senior Appointments and Promotions, and the Executive Committee of the School of Medicine review all appointments. The process takes three to four months.
  • Once the appointment has been approved, the applicant will receive a confirmation letter from the Dean of CU SOM and the Chairperson of the Department of Pediatrics Clinical Faculty Affairs Committee, along with a questionnaire asking the new appointee about their teaching and other interests in the Department of Pediatrics (see Questionnaire).

Renewals and Promotions

Appointment renewals and promotions are reviewed on a periodic basis as outlined in the guidelines established by the Department of Pediatrics and CU SOM (see Guidelines for Clinical Faculty).

According to the time increments established by the guidelines, the Department of Pediatrics will send the Clinical Faculty member a request to update their file. This is necessary in order to maintain the appointment and/or to be considered for promotion. The letter will request the following:

  • Typed CV ( with page numbers)
  • Clinical Faculty Activity form (see Activity Form)
  • Teaching log (see Clinical Faculty Teaching Log) and
  • At least two teaching evaluations (see Clinical Teaching Evaluation) to be completed by the trainee and sent in

The Sub-Committee on Appointments and Promotions reviews the requested information. If the Sub-Committee determines the Clinical Faculty member has met the requirements for promotion to a senior level - Associate, Professor, Distinguished or Emeritus - a request for a packet of documents will be made. If the Clinical Faculty member desires to be a candidate for promotion, the following documents will be needed:

  • Current typed CV (with page numbers)
  • Typed Curriculum Vitae Abstract Form (including the dates of faculty appointments and the ranks held)
  • At least two Letters of Support which may be from students, community physicians, other regular or clinical faculty, or other appropriate peers or community leaders that addresses the clinical faculty’s skills and expertise in the areas of clinical practice, teaching and/or mentoring, outstanding contributions to the Department of Pediatrics or community service on the behalf of children, scholarly endeavors including research and publications in pediatrics, career awards and honors, or contributions to regional health care or professional organizations.
  • Current Teaching Evaluations (see Clinical Teaching Evaluation form)
  • Published articles (if applicable)

In some cases, the Sub-Committee on Appointments and Promotions may determine that a Clinical Faculty member has not met the necessary requirements for promotion, in which case the Clinical Faculty member may remain at the same rank or may choose to increase their involvement as outlined in the Guidelines for Clinical Faculty. If the Clinical Faculty member does not wish to proceed with a promotion, they may remain at their same rank, as long as they continue to teach.


  • Electronic Common Application - Volunteer Clinical Faculty Application
  • Guidelines - Guidelines for Clinical Faculty Appointments and Promotions (.pdf file)
  • Questionnaire - Upon appointment, request for Clinical Faculty member's teaching and other interests (.pdf file)
  • Activity Form - Form used to report Clinical Faculty activities/ participation (.pdf file)
  • Clinical Teaching Evaluation - Evaluation form for medical students, residents and fellows to provide feedback to faculty and preceptors about their clinical teaching (.pdf file)
  • Clinical Faculty Teaching Log - This is a form to track clinical faculty’s teaching (.pdf file)
  • CV Abstract Form - This form needs to submitted with the packet for promotion (.pdf file)
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