We are responsible for overseeing the financial management and administration of the Department of Pediatrics within the University of Colorado and the Pediatrician-in-Chief Division of Children’s Hospital Colorado. This includes the coordination of policies and procedures and the oversight of educational, research, and clinical programs within the Department.

Additional business operations include grants administration; human resource and salary administration; academic appointments, promotions, and reviews (for both full-time and clinical faculty); clinical practice plan management; administrative support; and website and web applications development and administration.

Other ongoing special projects include coordination of continuing medical education activities, faculty retreats, alumni reunions, physician recognition activities, and departmental reports.

Contact Information 

We are headquartered on the third floor of the Administrative Pavilion at Children's Hospital Colorado

Our mailing address is: 
Department of Pediatrics, Children's Hospital Colorado
13123 East 16th Avenue, Box 065
Aurora, Colorado 80045. 

Detailed contact information by work area is provided below:  ‚Äč