Pediatric Residency Program – Diversity and Inclusion

Anti RacismProgram Aim

To build a pediatric workforce, through recruitment, training and education within the pediatric residency program, that more accurately mirrors its racially and ethnically diverse patient population, acknowledges and understands the ways in which systemic and medical racism have impacted and continue to impact our minority patients and their families, and is committed to working towards equity and justice for all.

Anti-Racism Pledge

In 2020, University of Colorado Pediatric residents came together to write and sign a pledge to advance anti-racism actions in our institution and community. You can read the pledge here:

We, the resident and fellow physicians, faculty, staff and leadership of the University of Colorado and Denver Health Pediatric programs believe that Black Lives Matter. It is a privilege to care for the children and families of Colorado. However, we recognize that in order to truly serve our patients, we must act to address the racial inequities that plague our communities and our healthcare system as a whole.

We understand that racism is a socially transmitted disease deeply embedded in our systems, institutions and persons. The systems that perpetuate the cycle of poverty, poor access to care, food insecurity and adverse childhood events serve to produce profound health inequities in our communities of color, specifically for our Black brothers and sisters. Chronic baseline stress and cortisol in response to these systems create chronic inflammation, which begins in childhood and contributes to higher rates of chronic disease in adulthood. 

As individuals who care for children, it is our duty to understand how we have perpetuated these injustices and intentionally work to dismantle the driving forces that created them.  Much as the systems of oppression are interdependent and pervasive, so must be the systems of justice. 

We pledge to fight for justice for our patients and families of color. We pledge to do the anti-racist work.

We will educate ourselves on the multitude of ways that systemic racism negatively impacts our patients and their families. We will address our own biases and learn the untaught history of racism. We will work to be aware of these injustices and change them at a personal and institutional level through advocacy and action. We will speak up when we see racism in action. 

We pledge to do better.  Black Lives Matter. Black health matters.

Sub-Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

We have recently established a committee of Pediatric residents who work closely with the program leadership to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in our program and work towards an anti-racist culture. Current initiatives include improving recruitment processes, promoting implicit bias training, establishing a reporting system for macro and microaggressions that occur in the hospital, working with Denver Health faculty to develop a new educational opportunity for residents that is focused on urban health, equity, advocacy and leadership called the Colorado Urban Health Equity Advocacy Leadership (CU HEAL) Program.

The CU HEAL (Colorado Urban Health Equity Advocacy Leadership) was launched in the 2021–22 academic year. If you are interested in this program and would like more information, please contact: Brandi Freeman, MD ( or James Kaferly, MD '09 (

How are we Handling Bias and Discrimination Internally?

Bias and Discrimination Incident Reporting Form

The Pediatric Residency Program and the Office of Medical Education within the Department of Pediatrics strives to promote a learning environment free of discrimination and harassment. This form provides a method to anonymously report specific information related to an incident of discrimination, harassment, bias, micro-aggression or retaliation. The residency program aggregates the data collected by the survey and shares the general figures and provides updates on what action has been taken at every residency committee meeting. Minutes of these meetings are shared with all residents.

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