Research Histology

Research Histology (RRID: SCR_021994)

The Research Histology Section provides a wide range of standardized paraffin histology procedures that can be tailored to specific research needs.  Services include tissue grossing/cassetting, paraffin processing, sectioning, routing and special stains. We specialize in immunohistochemistry and antibody optimization procedures.

The PSR Biobank Section and the Research Histology Section provide combined services on tissue handling and processing.

  • Retrieval of bio-specimens from Biobank for clinical trials that need histology services.
  • Imaging services, such as slide scanning, internet image access, and digital image analysis.
  • Tissue micro-array block creation and sectioning.
  • Laser capture micro-dissection.



Paraffin Histology Services: 

  • Tissue gross dissection and cassette labeling
  • De-calcification of small/medium specimens for routine stains and/or immunohistochemistry
  • Standard and custom paraffin tissue processing/embedding protocols
  • Cutting paraffin slides at customizable thickness, number of sections per slide and orientation of sections
  • Cutting paraffin slides for DNA/RNA clean procedures
  • Routine H&E and Special Staining
  • Immunohistochemistry (brown or red only) staining, including antibody optimization
  • Preparing histology materials for COMIRB approved clinical trials in collaboration with the Pathology Biobanking Shared Resource



     • Mopec Ventilated Gross Dissection Station 
     • Sakura Tissue Tek VIP 6A Vacuum Tissue Processor 
     • 2 Sakura Tissue-Tek VIP 5 Vacuum Tissue Processor 
     • 2 Sakura Tissue-Tek Embedding Console and Cryo Consoles 
     • Leica IP-C Cassette and IP-S Microscope Slide Printers 
     • 3 Leica Biosystems RM2255 Automated Rotary Microtomes 
     • Ventana Benchmark XT Immunostainer 
     • Microm 505E Cryostat 
     • Zeiss Axiolab Microscope


Publication Acknowledgements

Discounted pricing is available for Primary Investigators who are members of the Cancer Center. 


The PSR - Research Histology Section must be acknowledged in all publications, when possible, regardless of a PI's membership status.


Additionally, the Cancer Center Support Grant must be listed in connection with the publication for projects that received Cancer Center member discounted pricing.


In compliance with reporting regulations, please send a copy of all publications, regardless of a PI's membership status, to


Authors may use the following statement of acknowledgment:


"The authors appreciate the contribution to this research made by E. Erin Smith, HTL (ASCP)CM QIHC; Allison Quador, HTL(ASCP)CM; and Jessica Arnold HTL(ASCP)CM of the University of Colorado Cancer Center Pathology Shared Resource. This resource is supported in part by the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA046934). Contents are the author's sole responsibility."




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Research Histology 
p | 303-724-3775
f | 303-724-3781 

Physical Address:

12800 E. 19th Ave.
P18-5404 M, Mail Stop 8104
Aurora, CO 80045 

Campus Location:

5th Floor RC-1 North, P18-5404 K


M. Scott Lucia, MD
Director, Pathology Shared Resource
Research Histology Section Leader

E. Erin Smith, HTL(ASCP)CM
Research Histology Section
p | 303-724-3775

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