Robert A. Sclafani, PhD

Professor Emeritus

The main area of focus of the laboratory was the regulation and mechanisms of chromosomal DNA replication, mutagenesis and DNA repair in yeast and human cells. Elucidation of these mechanisms is important for determining the etiology of several diseases, especially cancer, in which the regulation is altered. Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), as a eukaryotic microorganism is an excellent model system because facile molecular and high-throughput genomic techniques can be used in combination with classical biochemical and genetic methods. We also used molecular genetic high-throughput genomic analysis of cultured human cancer cells for our studies that are focused on exploiting the deregulation of the cell cycle that occurs in cancer cells as a target for chemoprevention and therapy. Important examples of our approach is the current clinical trials of both DDK (yeast Cdc7-Dbf4 kinase) and CDK (yeast Cdk1) inhibitors in cancer patients.

Former Sclafani Lab Members 1985-2018:


PhD students

  1. Robert E. Hollingsworth, Ph.D. 1985-1990 Vice President and CSO, Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics, Pfizer, La Jolla, CA
  2. Jin-Yuan (Jimmy) Su, Ph.D.1986-1991 Professor at National Ming University, Taiwan, ROC
  3. Aimee (Brown) Jackson, Ph.D.1989-1994 CSO at Atatlana Therapeutics, Inc., Boston, MA.
  4. Paula Pahl, Ph.D.1988-1995 retired
  5. Peter Hovland, M.D., Ph.D.1989-1995-Colorado Retina Associates, Denver, CO
  6. Yiqun (Gui) Shellman, Ph.D. 1993-1998-Associate Professor, Dermatology, University of Colorado
  7. Guy Oshiro, Ph.D. 1994-1999 Product Manager: Life Sciences Research Informatics at Dassault Systèmes Biovia, San Diego, CA
  8. Bryn Grimison, Ph.D. 1996-2001 Senior Research Scientist-Insmed, Inc., Boulder, CO
  9. Luis Pessoa (Brandão), Ph.D. 2000-2006-Senior Research Scientist at Bond Pet Foods, Boulder, CO
  10. Lora Wilson, Ph.D. 2000-2006- Oncology Field Medical Director, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.
  11. Ronald Leon, Ph.D. 2001-2007 Agreements Officer at OHSU Technology Transfer, Portland, OR
  12. Daniel Rossbach PhD 2011-2017 Forensic Scientist at State of Minnesota

Postdoctoral Fellows

  1. Margaret van Boldrick, Ph.D. 1986-1987 Madison, WI Retired
  2. Rachel Ostroff, Ph.D.1989-1993 Clinical Research Director-SomaLogic, Inc. Boulder, CO
  3. Irene Schauer, M.D., Ph.D. 1992-1996 Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado
  4. Anne Galbraith, Ph.D. 1995-1998 Professor, University of Wisconsin
  5. Marguerite (Dalton) Kosovsky, Ph.D. 1996-1998, Northborough MA Retired
  6. Maria (Daly) Todd, Ph.D.1997-2000 Professor, Southwestern University, Texas
  7. Taroh Satoh, M.D.2001-2003 Professor at Osaka University in Japan
  8. Paul Dohrmann, Ph.D.1994-2000 Retired
  9. Angela Pierce, Ph.D. 1998-2000 Research Associate, University of Colorado
  10. Teresa Holzen, Ph.D. 2005-2011 Grants Manager at HEMOSTASIS AND THROMBOSIS RESEARCH SOCIETY INC
  11. Christopher Josh Ramey, Ph.D. 2009-2013. Teaching Associate Professor at the University of Colorado School of Mines.
  12. Rebecca Ferguson 2011-2014 Scientist at Rancho BioSciences, Aurora, CO

M.S. students

  1. Lee A. Niswander, Ph.D. M.S.-1985 -Professor and Chair, Dept of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado
  2. Carolina Gonzalez-Aller M. S. 1991 Instructor Idaho State University
  3. Cassidy L. Punt, M.S. 2012 Physician’s Assistant, Rochester, Minn.

Professional Research Assistants

  1. Bruce Thalley, M.A. 1985-1987 EMD Chemicals Coe College Madison, WI
  2. Michael Klein, M.S., MBA 1987-1993; Deceased.
  3. Marianne Tecklenburg, 1994-2009; Retired
  4. Sunitha Siriwardana 1993-2016; Retired

Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

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