Integrating Care for Woman and Babies (ICWB) and IMPACT BH (IMprove Perinatal Access, Coordination, and Treatment to Behavioral Health) Implementation Guide

The implementation guide is a supplemental document to support clinics in their efforts to integrate substance use and obstetric services through their participation in the ICWB/IMPACT projects. This guide explains the project milestones, action items, and definitions to support the core aims and suggested methods for implementation into clinical work. Please note the core aims are closely aligned with the Building Blocks the CU Practice Innovation Program utilizes in many different projects. Each ICWB/IMPACT milestone has the associated Building Block noted next to it in parenthesis.  

Current Version: 1.0.1 (updated 8-5-2022)

Core Aim 1 - Prepare Your Team

Core Aim 2 - Engaging Patients

Core Aim 3 - Organize Co-located Services

Core Aim 4 - Service Coordination Outside the Practice

Core Aim 5 - Plan for Sustainability

Core Aim 6 - Track Progress

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