Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency

group hiking primary care residencyWelcome to the Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program of the University of Colorado. Our program, established in 1977, was one of the first federally funded primary care training programs in the nation. Building on a rich history, our program has undergone significant evolution to meet our twin goals of:
  • Being one of the premier primary care residency training
    programs in the country
  • Providing flexibility in our primary care curriculum to prepare program graduates for careers in clinical practice, academic general internal medicine, and/or to pursue training in primary care
    specialties such as Geriatrics, Palliative Care, and Public

Our program integrates the educational resources of the University of Colorado Hospital, the Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the Denver Health and Hospital Authority. This lends itself to training that will be diverse and well-rounded.  Specific details of the curriculum can be found within our website.

As of July 1, 2020 the program became the University of Colorado Primary Care Track at Denver Health​. Denver Health​ has a longstanding commitment to care of underserved populations and proven experience in training generations of physicians in partnership with the School of Medicine. Denver Health faculty and staff have welcomed the Primary Care trainees to an integrated system that serves as a premier model in Colorado for safety net institutions across the nation. 

With this change, outpatient clinical activities largely shifted to Denver Health and all Primary Care residents have their continuity clinics​ at Denver Health sites. The Primary Care program continues to be a track of the University of Colorado Internal Medicine Residency program governed by the School of Medicine’s Graduate Medical Education office. Resident schedules largely look the same as they always have wards and ICU, continuing to be intermingled at all sites with all tracks of internal medicine residents as before. 

Selected unique aspects of our program include:

  • The opportunity to elect a longitudinal clinic experience in the care of HIV infected individuals throughout years 2 and 3 of residency training.  Participating residents will be qualified to take the American Academy of HIV Medicine exam to become certified as an HIV provider.
  • Guaranteed match into Geriatrics fellowship training at the excellent University of Colorado program for those dedicated to a career in Geriatrics
  • The opportunity to elect a longitudinal clinical experience in Geriatrics, Palliative Care, or Women’s Health or other primary care focused clinic interests.   
  • Dedicated rotations emphasizing care for vulnerable geriatric patients, women's health, and homebound patients.
  • High-paced urgent care work.
  • Availability of rural and underserved locales with a required preceptorship in second year in addition to multiple electives. Funding is available to support travel and housing during these months of rural rotations.
  • Large, diverse, accomplished faculty with whom to develop mentorship and research relationships along with dedicated time and statistical support for research.  For those residents who have research projects accepted for presentation, the Division will pay for meeting expenses to promote our residents’ academic careers.
  • Several months of dedicated Primary Care electives, including elective time in intern year.

We are very proud of the many elements that set our program apart from others, and we are confident that you will receive outstanding primary care training as a resident at CU. We want to take this opportunity to point out some of the features of our program which truly make CU primary care internal medicine a wonderful experience.

  • First and foremost, our program is excellent because our housestaff are excellent. They are not only intelligent and capable physicians, they are caring and thoughtful individuals. Our residents look out for one another. They are friends, colleagues and confidants.
  • The primary care track, which has 9 residents per year, provides the residents with a smaller more personal "home" within the context of a top-notch multi-hospital academic program. The placement of our primary care track within a large internal medicine program rather than as a stand alone entity allows greater flexibility in overall scheduling and makes it easier to tailor training to individual needs. There is an easy relationship between faculty, staff and residents with friendly and informal interactions. Many residents are on a first name basis with faculty members. Questions are encouraged and the atmosphere is collegial, not intimidating.
  • We have a commitment to innovation, which is the key to maintaining high quality education. Our emphasis on continual improvement reflects that fact that medicine is an exciting and ever changing profession.

If you have any questions about our program after reviewing our website, please contact us. Good luck on the interview trail. We hope Denver will be one of your destinations. 


Yasmin Sacro, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Program Director
Primary Care Residency Track at Denver Health
Senior Associate Program Director
Internal Medicine Residency Program

Mark Earnest, MD, PhD, FACP
Professor of Medicine
Division Head, Division of General Internal Medicine