General Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

First 3 Tuesdays of the month, from 8:00-9:00am, at The Denver Hospice - 8299 East Lowry Blvd, Denver

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August 2, 2016 Mark Earnest State of the Division mms://


August 9, 2016 Marisha Burden Understanding the Patient's Perspective: Research Initiatives in Patient Experience mms://


August 16, 2016 Brad Changstrom 10 Top Sports Medicine for PCP mms://


September 6, 2016 Johnathan Gutman A Case Based Approach to Common Issues Encountered in Allogeneic Transplant Patients mms://


September 13, 2016 Swati Patel Special Topics in Colorectal Cancer Screening & Prevention


September 20, 2016 Michele Heisler Improving Health Outcomes with Peer and e-Health Support mms://


October 4, 2016  Nicole Restauri The Not So Easy Chest Radiograph mms://


October 11, 2016 Christopher King Medical Student Education in Internal Medicine: A Curriculum Update mms://


October 18, 2016 Blair Fennimore Management of IBD for the Internist mms://


November 1, 2016 Ethan Cumbler The Most Interesting Man in the World mms://


November 8, 2016 Adam Abraham - part 1 opioids mms://


November 15, 2016 Joe Frank - part 2 opioids mms://


December 6, 2016 Erik Wallace - Gun Violence


December 13, 2016 John Koeppe Common Outpatient Infections


December 20, 2016 Brendan Clark Alcohol Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment Across the Healthcare Spectrum mms://


January 3, 2017 David Williams Beyond Serotonin mms://


January 10, 2017 Amanda Wieland Rational Approach to Elevated Liver Tests


January 17, 2017 Dennis Boyle mms://


February 7, 2017 Kurt Kroenke – Meiklejohn Visiting Professor Management of Depression and Anxiety in Medical Patients mms://


February 14, 2017 BJ Miller - Brettell Visiting Professor Palliative Aesthetics mms://


February 21, 2017 Prateeti Khazanie mms://


March 7, 2017 Kathryn "Kathy" Hassell Outpatient Management of DVT/PE mms://


March 14, 2017 Sterling West PMR & GCA mms://


March 21, 2017 Matt Wynia Physician-Assisted Dying mms://


April 4, 2017 Larry Feinberg Five Instructive Cases mms://


April 11, 2017 Mel Anderson Update in Medical Literature mms://


April 18, 2017 Allison Wolfe ​Palliative Care Pearls mms://


May 2, 2017 Lily Cervantes Undocumented Immigrants with End-Stage Renal Disease mms://


May 9, 2017 Allan Prochaska The Deliberate Practice of Medicine mms://


May 16, 2017 Alex Reed Motivation Interviewing in Primary Care mms://


 June 6, 2017 Paul Varosy EKG Interpretation for the Internist mms://


June 13, 2017 Mary McCord Collaborative Care for Depression mms://

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8/4/2015 Mark Earnest, Professor of Medicine, Interim Division Head, General Internal Medicine Anschutz (Central) Primary Care Enterprise mms://


8/11/2015 Manisha Bhide and Kandace Shepherd Working with the Physician Assistant mms://

8/18/2015 Ronald Wise, UC Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Ophthalmology 101 mms://


9/1/2015 Enrique Alvarez, Professor, General Internal Medicine, Update on Multiple Sclerosis mms://


9/8/2015 Kristen de Santo EBM Point-of-Care Resources in the Health Sciences Library mms://

9/15/2015 Clarence Braddock, Meiklejohn Visiting Professor, Patient-Centeredness as an Organizing Framework for Medical Education mms://


10/6/2015 Drs. David Schwartz and Ralph Gonzales  Caring Wisely: Engaging the Front Lines in Improving Health Care Value mms:// 


10/13/2015 Dave Tanaka ​ Aspirin for Primary Prevention Update 2015 mms://


10/20/2015 Thomas Meyer Art in Medicine


11/3/2015 Steven Bradley Better Patient Health at Lower Cost: Achieving High-Value Healthcare  mms://


11/10/2015 Molly Medakovich A Closer Look: Visual Arts and the Art of Medicine 


11/17/2015 Ethan Cumbler Leading Change in Clinical Microsystems  mms://


12/1/2015 John Koeppe  Common Outpatient Infections and their Management


12/8/2015 Erik Wallace From Gun Violence to Gun Safety: What is a Clinician's Role in the Great Gun Debate? mms://

1/5/2016 ​Angela Thompson and Meghan Jeffres ​MAD MEDS Buy or Sell Medications Approved in 2015  mms://


1/12/2016 Jason Hoppe Maximizing Your Use of the Colorado Prescription Drug Monitoring Program  mms://


1/19/2016 Jessica Kendrick Manging Chronic Kidney Disease Managing mms://

2/2/2016 Dan Matlock Improving Medical Decision Quality: Implementing Shared Decision Making - Cancelled due to Inclement weather​

2/9/2016 Kevin Rogers PAD dx and Management mms://


2/16/2016 Read Pierce Burnout and Resilience mms://

3/1/2016 Arleen F. Brown, Brettell Visiting Professor Reducing Healthcare Disparities and Promoting Health Equity in Clinical Practice

3/8/2016 Todd M Bull The Center for Lungs and Breathing

3/15/2016 Michael McDermott​ Hyperthyroidism

4/5/2016 Annie Moore Resiliency 2.0


4/12/2016 Darlene Tad-y Learner Assessment

4/19/2016 Dennis Boyle Liability in Internal Medicine

5/3/2016 Paul Menard-Katcher Common Esophageal Disorders

5/10/2016 Karen Wyatt Tools for Talking with Patients About the End-of-Life

5/17/2016 Vitoria Seligman Healthcare in Cambodia: Case Study of Capacity building

6/7/2016 Shabnam Showell and others  Shoulder Exam


6/14/2016 Shabnam Showell and others  Knee Exam

6/21/2016 Robert Carson Management of Chronic Wounds

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8/5/2014 Mark Earnest, Professor of Medicine, Interim Division Head, General Internal Medicine Division Transition – Where do we go from here?


8/12/2014 Nichole Zehnder, Chris King and Kelly White Updates in the CUSOM Adult Ambulatory Care and Hospitalized Adult Care Clerkship


8/19/2014 Robert Valuck, UC Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Prescription Drug Abuse in Colorado


9/2/2014 CT Lin, Professor, General Internal Medicine, Communicating and Computing in the Exam Room ​


9/9/2014 Jeannette Guerrasio, Associate Professor, UCH Remediation of Residents and Students


9/16/2014 Abraham Nussbaum, Director Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Service, Denver Health, My doctor recommended pot mms://


9/23/2014 Brettell Visiting Professor- Eric Holmboe, MD, Senior Vice President, Milestone Development and Evaluation, ACGME Assessment Challenges mms://  


CANCELLED - Meiklejohn Visting Professor - Clarence Braddock, MD Professor, Vice Dean for Education, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, Chief Medical Education Officer, UCLA Patient centeredness as an organizing framework for medical education



9/30/2014 David Tanaka, MD and Ed Murphy, MD Update in Geriatrics: Who should have the high dose flu vaccine? Do patients over age 65 need 13 AND 23 valent pneumococcal vaccination? Update: Pneumonia Vaccination Guidelines mms://


10/7/2014  William Sullivan, MD, Chief, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitaion Service, Denver VA, Associate Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Epidural Steroid Injections: Recent history, FDA Safe Use Initiative, and Multi-Society Pain Workgroup mms://  


10/14/2014 John Koeppe, UC Associate Professor, Internal Medicine HIV in Primary Care mms://


10/21/2014 Ev Hutt, Associate Professor, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Delivering Palliative Care in Sub-Saharan Africa mms:// 



11/4/2014 CV/portfolio review, Eva Aagaard, UC Associate Professor, Internal Medicine mms://



11/11/2014 Janice Hanson, Professor of Pediatrics and Family Medicine, Giving Feedback: What Makes it Useful? Why Write it Down?      


11/18/2014 Kelly J Caverzagie, Associate Dean of Educational Strategy, University of Nebraska School of Medicine Two Birds and One Stone: Integrating Education and Clinical Redesign to Achieve the Common Mission​



12/2/2014 Dan Matlock, UC Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics - Research Abstract Presentation  mms://


12/9/2014 Erik Wallace, Associate Dean for Colorado Springs Branch, UC School of Medicine, Gun Safety and Violence  mms://


12/16/2014 Rachel Swigris, UC Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine Resiliency   mms://


January 06, 2015 Brandon Combs, UC Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine   mms://


1/13/2015 Carol Stamm, UC Associate Professor, ​Obstetrics and Gynecology, Presby-St Luke, ACA and the Well Woman exam 


 1/20/2015 Jeff Wallace, UC Professor, Geriatrics, Polypharmacy  mms://


 2/3/2015 Suzanne Brandenburg, UC Professor, Internal Medicine mms://


2/10/2014 Gaby (Maria) Frank, Associate Chief of Hospital Medicine, Denver Health  mms://


2/17/2014 Stuart Linas, UC Professor, Chief of Nephrology, Denver Health Medical Center   Literature update Bp, CKD, glom d mms://


3/3/2015 Rachel Swigris, Tess Jones, Anjali Dhurandhar, Richard Froude,  Heart of Medicine 2015  mms://


3/10/2015 Marisha Burden, Cheif of Hospital Medicine, Denver Health mms://


3/17/2015 Sansrita Nepal, Internal Medicine, Denver Health, Updates in the anticoagulants and anticoagulation management in the perioperative period  mms://


4/7/2015  Cory Dunnick, Associate Professor, Dermatology   mms://


4/14/2015 Dan Matlock, UC Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics - Research Abstract Presentation   mms://


4/21/2015 David Ginosar, Denver Health, Prescribing the pill to prevent HIV


5/5/2015 Joseph Frank, Internist, VA ECHCS, Update in pain management mms://


5/12/2015 Jennifer Stichman, Internist, Denver Health Rheum and non-rheum joint complaints mms://


5/19/2015 Research Abstract Presentation with Several Presenters


6/2/2015   Robert Davies, Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Education Practical Approach to Adult ADHD in Primary Care mms://


6/9/2015 Eva Aagaard, Director, Academy of Mical Educators and Assistant Dean for Lifelong Learning  Setting A Destination & Charting A Course  mms://

6/16/2015 Hermione Hurley, Director of Correctional Care Hospitalist Services, Denver Health, Developments in the ACA and prisoner/jail health care


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