With a looming HIV workforce shortage, our Primary Care track creates educational experiences that provide residents with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the healthcare needs of patients living with HIV.

Primary Care Residents in the HIV Longitudinal Track:

  • Participate in a 4 week elective in HIV & Urban Underserved care. This multi-faceted community and clinical experience includes working in HIV clinics at Denver Health and University of Colorado, Denver Public Health STI clinic, Hepatitis C clinic, Tuberculosis clinic, Outpatient Behavioral Health Services, and the Harm Reduction Action Center, among many things.
  • Obtain extensive experience in the comprehensive outpatient care patients living with HIV by having an HIV Longitudinal Subspecialty Clinic with personal panel development throughout R2 and R3 years
  • Train with Primary Care internists who provide HIV care in the Denver Health Early Interventional Services clinics. Resources include Denver Health's LGBTQ Center of Excellence as well as mentorship for scholarly projects and community engagement.
  • May opt to take the American Academy of HIV Medicine HIV Credentialing exam with exam costs covered by the PC Track.
  • Obtain a certificate of completion of the HIV Longitudinal Track upon graduation from residency

Where Our HIV Track Graduates are Now

Denver Health Early Intervention Services Team Lead and HIV Track Director

University of Minnesota Primary Care with HIV panel

University of Chicago Geriatrician with HIV panel

Emory General Internal Medicine, Distinction in HIV Medicine education

Denver Health General Internal Medicine with HIV panel

Infectious Disease Fellowships

Geriatric Fellowships (University of Colorado, University of Chicago)

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