Primary Care Resident Research Projects and Publications

Resident​Date​Title/Topic​Faculty Mentor
Clark, Sophie & Villa-Lobos, Helena Presented at SGIM National Conference Poster  2021Vertebral Osteomyelitis: Maintaining High Suspicion in Unique PresentationsDr. Andrew Berry
Johnson, Thomas & Schara, HannahJanuary 2020-June 2021Living with Dementia: Caregiver needs and outcomes of a dementia support program adapted from Care Ecosystem modelHillary Lum, MD, PhD
Johnson, Thomas & Schara, HannahPresented at American Geriatrics Society Conference 2021Dementia Care Navigators Provide Specific Caregiver Support and Coordination in Primary CareHillary Lum, MD, PhD
Johnson, Thomas & Schara, HannahPresented at American Geriatrics Society Conference 2021Impact of a Dementia Caregiver Support Program: Increasing Self-Efficacy and Decreasing BurdenHillary Lum, MD, PhD

Clark, Sophie

ACP Oral Presentation, Abstract winner 2020 Dancing Around the Diagnosis: Opsoclonus in an encephalopathic patient Dr. Julie Knoeckel
Clark, Sophie & Allen SamSubmitted for SGIM National Conference Poster Presentation 2020 (not presented due to COVID) Not your average PE: A case of anti-phosphoplipid syndrome in a man with recurrent clotsDr. Michael Brunnquell 
Clark, Sophie December 2020Integrated care for patients living with HIV and concurrent substance use disorder: a retrospective, descriptive study Dr. Hermione Hurley 
Johnson, Thomas Presented at SGIM Mountain West Regional Conference, November 2020Catatonia or Delirium? A Diagnostic Dilemma in a Patient with Acute EncephalopahtyBobbie Jo Dodson, DO
Kozacka, KatiePoster at SGIM National May 2020

A Potentially Fatal Disease in a Refugee Patient with HIV

Dr. Edward Havranek

Bloemen, Elizabeth

Saxon, Cara

Poster at AGC May 2020

SGIM National May 2020

Development and Implementation of Resident-led Group Annual Wellness Visits in an Underserved, Primary Care Clinic (Residents: Meara Melton, Matt Minturn, and Ben Trefilek)  
Grogan, ConnorNovember 2019Attitudes Surrounding Dementia and Gun AccessDr. Marian Betz
Allen, Samantha November 2019Evaluation of guideline appropriate anti-coagulation in high risk a-fib patients after DOAC’s are introduced to a safety net system  Dr. Rachel Swigris
Leon, Ben November 2019Evaluation of guideline appropriate anti-coagulation in high risk a-fib patients after DOAC’s are introduced to a safety net system  Dr. Rebecca Hanratty
Trefilek, Ben September 2019Understanding Causes of Readmission in a rural Transitions Nurse Program: Implementation and Adaptation of the HOMERUN Review ToolHeather Gilmartin, PhD, NP
Stand, Andrea September 2019Admission for AMS in the elderlyDr. Skotti Church
​Melton, Meara​Poster presentation at AGS 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting​ ​An Analysis of Shared Decision Making for Atrial Fibrillation following the Medicare Mandate for Left Atrial Appendage Closure Drs. Dan Matlock and Larry Allen
​Schifeling, Chris​​Poster presentation at SGIM National May 2019​Missing the Mark: high rates of absent and untimely access to specialty palliative care in patients with peri-hospital mortality as a novel quality metric​Dr. Stacy Fischer
​Boyle, Joseph​Poster presentation at SGIM National May 2019​General Paresis: A Forgotten Psychiatric Syndrome of Neurosyphilis​Drs. Kelly White and Elisabeth Ihler
​Leon, Ben​Poster presentation at SGIM National May 2019 ​Characterizing High Risk Atrial Fibrillation Patients in a Safety Net Institution to Identify Trends that May Help Improve Anticoagulation Guideline Adherence and Stroke Prevention​Dr. Rebecca Hanratty
​Rezign, Austin​Poster presentation at SGIM National May 2019​An Unexpected Cause of Chest Pain​Dr. Nick Breitnauer
​Griff, Megan​May 2019​Analysis of End-of-Life Care  Related to Advance Care Planning (ACP) Billing ​Dr. Hillary Lum​
​Allen, Samantha​Abstract accepted, Colorado ACP, Feb 2019​“Doc, I can’t walk: a reflexive diagnosis” a case of thyrotoxic hypokalemic paralysis ​Dr. Juan Lessing
​Trefilek, Ben​January 2019​Analysis of Readmissions and Deaths in the VA rural Transitions Nursing Program​Heather Gilmartin, PhD, NP


When I was looking for a residency program it was very important to me to find a program that supported research and those interested in academic primary care. In my opinion, one of the greatest strengths of our program is the support we have to pursue research. We not only can have dedicated research months, which are helpful if you need to write up a paper or get a project off the ground, but we also have dedicated time during our clinic months for research. This continuity has been key for me to be able to keep projects going and have time to respond to paper reviews or do other tasks that often come in over time. Our campus is also so collaborative which allows for some really unique and exciting research to be done. I work in the field of elder abuse and family violence and am lucky to have mentors across campus from our Child Abuse pediatricians to our emergency medicine physicians and forensic nurses. We are also lucky to have so many primary care internists who do research who are very willing to discuss the career side of research which has been very helpful in my plans for fellowship and joining an academic division.

Elizabeth Bloeman, MD MPH