Primary Care Resident Research Projects and Publications

Resident​Date​Title/Topic​Faculty Mentor
Ard, Catherine Published September 2022 in AAMC Medical Student Identity Construction Within Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships: An International, Longitudinal, Qualitative Study 
Ram, Apoorva Presented at AAP Oncology Summit  8/2022Population Disparities in Caring for Cancer Patients: How Can APP's Help to Address Them?"  
Welch, Jacob August 2022Risk Factors for Sputum Anti- CCP Positivity Kristen Demoruelle
Buehler, Anna  June 2022 Gender Equity in Sports Karin VanBaak, MD 
Morgan, Nicholas June 2022 Increasing the Use of Agenda - Setting and its Effects in Primary Care Clinic Jennifer Stichman, MD 
Reese, Tyler Published May 2022 in PLOS global Public Health  Utility of Silhouette Showcards to Assess Adiposity in Three Countries Across the Epidemiological Transition 
Gu, Kayla April 2022 / Submitted and Accepted by SGIM April 2022Genetic difference of HFmrEFMichael Bristwo, MD PhD 
Samuel, Anna Submitted and Accepted by SGIM April 2022The Heterogenous Causes of Hypoglycemia: A Case Study of a Non-diabetic Patient with Severe Hypoglycemia 
Overholt, Luc Submitted and Accepted by SGIM April 2022A Case of Painless Jaundice and Salivary Gland Swelling 
Welch, JacobOral Presentation at SGIM  April 2022  
Rockey, NathanSubmitted and Accepted by SGIM April 2022  
Bloemen, Elizabet Oral Presentation March  2022Department of Medicine Grand Rounds—Systems Improvement Conference: Coordinating Multi-Disciplinary Care for Elder Abuse  
Escobedo, Luis  January 2022LatinX Barriers to Healthcare Lilia Cervantes, MD 
deQuillfeldt, Nathalie Published 27, Jan 2022 Contribution of Biologic Response Modifiers to the Risk of Coccidioidomycosis Severity  collaborated with: Cara Saxon & Kathryn Guinn
Overholt, Luc  Predictors of Engagement in a Telehealth Intervention for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes and a Family SupporterZupa MF, Piette JD, Stoll SC, Youk A, Obrosky SD & Kelly M
Huber, Kathryn Oral Presentation February 2022A Geriatric Dilemma: The Ethics Placement Admission for the Difficult Patient  
Bloemen, Elizabeth Oral Presentation February 2022The Un-Examined Epidemic of Elder Abuse: Ending Gaze Aversion in Medicine  
Ram, Apoorva  December 2021 Illness narratives and perspectives of undocumented immigrants with cancer: A qualitative study using semi-structured interviewLilia Cervantes, MD 
Huber, Kathryn  October 2021Provider and Practice Stakeholder Feedback for a Dementia Care Decision Aid Hillary Lum, MD, PhD
Bloemen, Elizabeth September 2021 Research for Projects and Mentoring of medical Students:
 - Sexual Abuse and Assault of Older Adults: A Practical Approach for Clinicians
 - Threshold for Physical Abuse: A new theoretical framework for physical elder abuse 
Dan Lindberg, MD (Primary)
 - Bob Schwartz, Kerry Hildreth, Sarah Tietz, Tony Rosen, MPH, and Sunday Clark, ScD, MPH  MD's


When I was looking for a residency program it was very important to me to find a program that supported research and those interested in academic primary care. In my opinion, one of the greatest strengths of our program is the support we have to pursue research. We not only can have dedicated research months, which are helpful if you need to write up a paper or get a project off the ground, but we also have dedicated time during our clinic months for research. This continuity has been key for me to be able to keep projects going and have time to respond to paper reviews or do other tasks that often come in over time. Our campus is also so collaborative which allows for some really unique and exciting research to be done. I work in the field of elder abuse and family violence and am lucky to have mentors across campus from our Child Abuse pediatricians to our emergency medicine physicians and forensic nurses. We are also lucky to have so many primary care internists who do research who are very willing to discuss the career side of research which has been very helpful in my plans for fellowship and joining an academic division.

Elizabeth Bloeman, MD MPH

PC Class of 2022
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