Dedicated primary care intern curricula involves weekly sessions during two months of the year (8 Thursday academic half days in July and March). All residents attend weekly Wednesday morning conferences on outpatient and elective months as well. For our upper level Primary Care residents, 6 of these conferences each year are dedicated to our Primary Care track curriculum. These sessions are intended to provide advanced training and exposure on primary care topics not traditionally offered to internal medicine residents to help our residents feel prepared to provide exceptional and compassionate care to all patients, especially those who are traditionally underserved. 


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Detailed Didactic List:

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We also aim to expand their training horizons by supporting their ambulatory teaching skills, connecting them with critical community based resources, and preparing them to be primary care leaders in the future. Our residents will also join their categorical and hospitalist track colleagues during weekly dedicated educational sessions on Monday mornings during their clinic months to learn about core primary care topics.

HRAC TES Interns 3.16.21

Harm Reduction Action Center of Denver Field Trip

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PC Intern Nexplanon Workshop 2022
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