Continuity Clinic Sites for the Primary Care Track

Denver Health is the clinical home base for the Primary Care Track– all primary care trainees have their continuity clinics based in the Denver Health system and their outpatient clinical focus lives in the Denver Health system as much as possible. This includes an expanded array of exciting ambulatory electives and offerings in Colorado’s primary safety net institution.

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Each of the 4 clinic sites where our Primary Care Track and Internal Medicine residents train feature the following ambulatory learning characteristics:

Federally Qualified Health Centers

In line with Denver Health's mission, we are able to provide access to the highest quality health care, whether for prevention, or acute and chronic diseases, regardless of ability to pay. Our community based physician provide primary care to underserved areas.

Diversity of Care

Enriching trainee learning by caring for patients of different ages, ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic status. Majority of our patients are Medicaid, Medicare, or participate in a discount savings program for uninsured or undocumented

Integrated Services

A Behavioral Health Consultant, Social Worker, Clinical Pharmacist, Addictions Counselor and Care Navigator are at each resident clinic. So you can focus on care of the patient and social determinants of health with the best interdisciplinary team possible.

Clinic Faculty & Leaders

Faculty committed to developing future PCPs with significant emphasis on care of vulnerable populations. See our faculty page for examples of focused interests.

Collaborative Subspecialists

Specialists who share a similar commitment to underserved patient care with ability to refer to medical & surgical subspecialties as well as dental, optometry, PT/OT. E-consultation available for many specialties as well.


Electronic Medical Record (EPIC)

EPIC helps residents aim for high quality care with improvement of patient communication and system follow-up, workflows/efficiency, analysis of patient data and management of population health.

Denver Health Safety Network & Resources

Ability to refer patients to unique Denver Health integrated programs: LGBTQ Center of Excellence, Diabetes Prevention Program, Title X Clinic, Healthy Lifestyles Clinic (interdisciplinary approach to weight loss)

On-Site Laboratory Services

Patients have easy access to lab services at each of our primary care resident clinic home sites.

Interpreter Services

Language services are provider in person, via telephone or video teleconferencing. Residents are able to take the Denver Health Spanish interpreter exam to qualify as interpreters with reciprocal honoring of this status at the VA and University health systems.

Eastside Adult Clinic

Located in the historic Five Points area of Denver, Eastside clinic is the oldest community health center west of the Mississippi River and has been caring for generations of families since 1966. Eastside has a traditionally higher African American and formerly incarcerated population. The health center also houses women’s health, pediatric, WIC, early intervention services (HIV), physical therapy, and dental clinics.



Mural near Eastside Clinic 


Sloan's Lake Clinic

Established in September 2020 in the dynamic neighborhood of West Colfax, Sloan’s Lake is the newest primary care clinic in Denver Health Medical Center’s safety net healthcare system. It is uniquely located, occupying the first floor of a Denver Housing Authority building that is home to seniors and people with disabilities. The clinic serves as a model for integrating healthcare into low-income housing and streamlining access to care for vulnerable patient populations. Internists in this clinic work alongside providers with expertise in pediatrics, obstetrics, geriatrics, palliative care, sexual and reproductive health, behavioral health, and addiction to provide comprehensive preventive care, acute care, and chronic disease management to all patients regardless of ability to pay.

Sloans Lake Interns Rooftop  

Webb Adult Clinic

As a part of Denver Health’s main campus, Webb has the benefit of being centrally located near the hospital. The clinic has same-day access to radiography, ultrasound, and certain labs. Proximity can also drive relationships with nearby sub-specialists or clinics, such as the Intensive Outpatient Clinic, which cares for high users of medical care, and the Hospital Transitions Clinic. Webb clinic also serves the most diverse population for refugees and other (non-Spanish) languages of the three clinics.


Westside Adult Clinic

Located just south of Bronco’s Mile High Stadium and next door to Denver Human Services, Westside Clinic was established in 1968. Westside provides comprehensive primary care services including women’s health, pediatrics, WIC, and dental clinics. The clinic has an approximately 70% Spanish speaking population and also a notable presence of Vietnamese patients. Spanish speaking skills are a plus, but not mandatory. Telephone interpreters for Spanish and many other languages are easily accessible. 


Mural and Adult Medicine Signage

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