What Our Primary Care Residents Say About our Program

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Why I Chose the PC Track

Becoming a mom during residency is challenging under normal circumstances. Finding out you are pregnant just as the COVID pandemic starts could have made it impossible, however our program and its leadership, were so supportive that I could not have imagined a better experience as a resident mom. The program always made it clear that the health of my baby and me was their top priority. They transitioned me to telehealth while we were figuring things out with COVID, particularly during the surges. My program directors insisted that I take a full 8 weeks to be home with my baby, which was invaluable time for us to recover and figure each other out. They arranged so that when I returned to clinical care I was on an outpatient rotation, that I had adequate support to continue pumping for as long as I wanted to do so, and that I could attend any doctors’ appointments that I needed to. My daughter, Genevieve, is welcome at most resident functions and very much enjoys being spoiled by her primary care aunties and uncles when she joins in! I cannot thank our leadership and coordinators enough for their continuous support and understanding!

Elizabeth Bloeman, MD MPH

Current Residents

Primary Care Residents 2022-2023

Shea Claflin - University of Colorado

Morgan Edwards Fligner - University of New Mexico

Nathan Garza - UT Southwestern

Elise Kahn - Medical College of Wisconsin

Roshnee Raithatha - Tufts University

Hana Kusumoto - Emory University

Sapan Shah - Albany Medical College

Beza Tayachew - University of Colorado

Sanjna Vinze - Indiana University

Ellen Brinza - Case Western Reserve

Wesley Curles - University of Alambama

Leigh Dairaghi - Rush Medical College

Maria de Faria Figueiredo - Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro, Uberaba (UFTM) Faculdade de Medicin Commonwealth

Brittany Denzer - University of Colorado

Emily O'Neill - University of Tennessee

Troy Sterling - University of Virginia

Matthew Westfall - Virginia Commonwealth

Yaa Asare - University of Colorado

Julia Bellantoni - Duke University

Natalie deQuillfeldt - University of Arizona

Connor Enright - University of Wisconsin

Kayla Gu - University of California at Los Angeles

Kevin Ni - University of Indiana

Molly McCallum - Emory University

Alex Paap - University of Virginia

Tais Moreira Protasio - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Faculdade de Medicina

Tyler Reese - Loyola University Chicago

Nathan Rockey - Mayo Clinic

Ryan Alonzo - Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine

Anna Buehler - University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

Chelsea Carver - Wayne State University School of Medicine

Benjamin Drumright - Wayne State University School of Medicine

Kathryn Huber - University of Arizona College of Medicine

Nicholas Morgan - University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, Tulsa

Luc Overholt - University of Michigan Medical School

Apoorva Ram - Northwestern University

Anna Samuel - University of Minnesota Medical School

Jacob Welch - UT Southwestern

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