Academy of Medical Educators Grand Rounds

Mel Anderson

Trust in Healthcare Education

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Mel Anderson MD MACP
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of Colorado Anschutz 

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Brief  overview: As educators, what should we do to create a "safe" learning environment? Deliver constructive feedback in a way that learners view positively? Successfully engage a learner who seems disinterested? While much has been written about the centrality of trust in relationships with patients, the conversation around trust in education has focused on 'entrustment' of patient care activities to medical learners. What has been missing is a discussion about trust in educational relationships more broadly. Drawing from a diverse set of Psychological, Philosophical, and Sociological resources, Dr. Anderson will illustrate how we can be trustworthy in our relationships with learners, and how the resulting trust forms the basis for high-impact, meaningful, education. 

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of trust in educational relationships
  • Identify at least three key characteristics of trustworthiness 
  • Incorporate trust into your approach to effective teaching. 

Mel L. Anderson, MD, MACP is an Academic Hospitalist and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine (UCSOM). He serves as the National Program Director for Hospital Medicine in the Veterans Healthcare Administration. Dr. Anderson graduated AOA from the University of Texas, Houston, School of Medicine (now the McGovern School of Medicine) in 1994 and completed Internal Medicine residency and a Chief Residency at the David Grant USAF Medical Center in California. 

Dr. Anderson served for many years as an associate program director and interim program director for the UCSOM Internal Medicine Residency Program, where he founded and led the Clinician/Educator residency pathway and mentored hundreds of future internists. His academic interests center on bedside clinical teaching, faculty development, and teaching and implementing Evidence-Based Medicine. He loves spending time with spouse and best friend Maria, daughter Claire, and friends and family. 

The speaker and planners do not have any relevant financial relationships and do not intend to reference the off-label or investigative use of commercial products and/or devices.


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Feedback: Getting Beyond Good Job

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

four speakers

Brenda Bucklin, MD, MEHP 
Anesthesiology; Associate Dean, Continuing Medical Education
Vice-Chair Education, Department of Anesthesiology 
University of Colorado Anschutz

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Nathaniel Brown, MD, PhD 

Assistant Professor 
Department of Anesthesiology 
University of Colorado Anschutz

Rachel Clopton, MD
Assistant Professor 
Department of Anesthesiology 
Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiologist 
University of Colorado Anschutz

Jeremy Deer, MD
Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology 
Division of Pediatric Anesthesiology 
University of Colorado Anschutz

Tai Lockspeiser, MD, MHPE, FAAP

Assessment for Learning: Using assessment to promote learner growth 

Tai Lockspeiser, MD, MHPE, FAAP Pediatrics -- Associate Professor of Pediatrics, 
Assistant Dean of Medical Education - Assessment, Evaluation, and Outcomes 
University of Colorado Anschutz 
March 5, 2021

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Nida Awadallah

Self-Discovery, goal setting and proactive learning plans: Coaching for Long Term Success

Nicole Christian, MD, MSCS Assistant Professor, Associate Program Director 
University of Colorado Anschutz 

Nida Awadallah, MD Assistant Professor Family Medicine, University of Colorado Anschutz 


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Dr. Brazil

Disease X' - shaping the HOW and WHY of medical education 

Victoria Brazil, MD Professor of Emergency Medicine, Director of Simulation, Gold Coast Health Service and at Bond University medical program 

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Deborah Keyek-Franssen, Ph.D.

Digital Learning in the Age of COVID and Social Justice

Deborah Keyek-Franssen, Ph.D. Associate Vice President and Dean, Online and Continuing Education, University of Utah 

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“Dissed: Disability as a Diversity Issue in Medical Education”

Jeffrey Cain, MD, FAAFP Clinical Professor Department of Family Medicine, University of Colorado Anschutz

Alicia Wong, MD, MPH Faculty Fellow Department of Family Medicine, University of Colorado Anschutz and Denver Health

October 20, 2020 

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Kimberly D. Manning

When Grief and Crises Intersect: Perspectives from a Black Physician in the Time of Two Pandemics

Kimberly Manning, MD, FACP, FAAP
Professor of Medicine
Associate Vice Chair of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Emory University, School of Medicine, Department of Medicine 
September 15, 2020 

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Cheryl O'Malley

Lessons Learned from Video Interviews for Residency Recruitment

Cheryl O'Malley, MD
Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix Internal Medicine Residency Program
Friday, July 17, 2020

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Jennifer Whitfield

The Myth of Mere Charity: Ethical Considerations of Global Medical Electives and Volunteerism

Dr. Jennifer Whitfield
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado at Denver based at Health
Friday, June 19, 2020

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compilation Non-traditional Scholarship in Promotion

Matthew Zuckerman, MD - Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado
Mark B. Reid, MD - Associate Professor of Medicine - Denver Health
Jason M. Woods, MD - Assistant Professor, Children's Hospital Colorado
Ellen Roy Elias, MD - Professor of Pediatrics and Genetics, Children's Hospital Colorado
May 12, 20​​​20

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Zuckerman Presentation

Reid Presentation

Woods Presentation

Kimberly D. Manning

Lecture Series

Kimberly D. Manning, MD, FACP, FAAP
Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Vice Chair for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Department of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine
December 5-6, 2019

The Patient as our Teacher: Timeless Lessons and Teachable Moments
December 5, 2019

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Connectedness in Medicine: #Makeitanactionitem
December 6, 2019


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Maryellen Gusic

Setting the Stage for Scholarship

Maryellen Gusic, MD
Senior Advisor for Education Affairs, University of Virginia  
October 19, 2019

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Chad Stickrath

The Next Generation of Medical Student Curriculum: An Update on CU Curriculum Reform

Chad Stickrath, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado
August 9, 2019 

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Pearce Korb

Understanding Neurophobia and Beyond: A Novel Model for Medical Education

Pearce Korb, MD MHPE
Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, University of Colorado
September 10, 2019

dennis boyle

Public Speaking and PowerPoint - Using Learning Theory to Give a KILLER Talk

Dennis Boyle, MD
Professor of Medicine Rheumatology, University of Colorado 
July 9, 2019

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David HirshLecture Series
David Hirsh, MD, FACP
Associate Professor and Director, Harvard MS Academy
Department of Medicine
June 5-7, 2019
Lecture: Science of Learning: State of the Art
Workshop: Getting Started: LIC 101 
June 5, 2019

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Dynamic Pedagogy: Philosophy and Joy
June 6, 2019

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Lecture: Managing Change: Harvard's Experience - The good, the less good, and the....
Think Tank: Marketing Change: Extending our Research
June 7, 2019

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Grand Rounds: The Educational Science and Story of the Harvard Medical School Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship
 June 7, 2019

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Robin Deterding

Disruption and Innovation in Medicine: Implications for Training

Robin Deterding, MD
The Ed and Roxanne Fie Anderson Family Endowed Chair for Breathing, Professor of Pediatrics, Chief of Pulmonary Medicine, University of Colorado
April 12, 2019

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