Weir Biomechatronics Lab

Weir Biomechatronics Lab

Lab Mission

The mission of the Biomechatronics Development Laboratory is to advance and translate clinically relevant prosthetic systems and develop prostheses capable of dexterous manipulation. 

Collaborations and Tools

The lab is located at the Children's Hospital Colorado on the AMC. Facilities include world class 3D rapid prototyping technology used to print in dual material plastic on our Connex 350 and print in maraging steel or titanium using an EOS M270 Direct Metal Laser-Sintering system.

Work We Do

We explore novel ways of using optogenetics to non-invasively optically interface with the peripheral nervous system in order to achieve non-invasive read-in/-out from these nerves with the intent of modulating the organs, brain circuits, or muscles innervated by them.

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