About the Center for Bioengineering

The University of Colorado Center for Bioengineering, located within the CU School of Medicine, is associated with Colorado’s only stand-alone academic bioengineering department. The Center is one of the few programs nationally that provides opportunities for engineering students and researchers to work directly on a world-class medical campus.  The Center also provides key engineering resources across the Anschutz Medical Campus including 3D polymer and metal prototyping, sophisticated materials characterization, FDA-based design support for medical device development, and large-scale, multi-physics computational modeling for clinical predictions.  Membership is open to faculty, scientists, industry representatives, and entrepreneurs across Colorado who are interested in advancing biomedical engineering research and innovation on the Anschutz Medical Campus.


Innovating healthcare technology through cross-disciplinary collaborations between engineering and health sciences.


Advancing health technology innovation, research, and entrepreneurship in Colorado.

Focus Areas

Assistive Technology
Biomaterials and Polymers
BIo-inspired Engineering 
Biomechanical Modeling
Biophotonics and Neurophotonics
Cardiac and Vascular Biomechanics
Computational Physiology
Cell and Tissue Biophysics
Cell Mechanics and Cellular Biology
Drug Delivery
Entrepreneurship and Regulatory Affairs
Gene Expression
Inclusive Design
Med Tech Design
Neural Engineering
Prosthetics, Rehabilitation Engineering
Pulmonary Engineering
Quantitative Microscopy  
Regenerative Medicine
Social Assistive Robotics
Tissue Engineering
Translational Imaging 
Ventilator Engineering