Al Borno Lab for Neurological Movement Disorders

Lab Mission

The mission of the Al Borno Lab is to develop computational models of human and animal movement to understand how the brain controls movement and to help patients with movement disorders achieve a better quality of life with novel rehabilitation therapies and assistive technologies. 

Collaborations and Tools

Computational models and advancements in wearable technology and robotics drive our ability to improve overall patient experience and well-being. The Al Borno Lab collaborates with neuroscientists and clinicians in order to further the field's understanding of neurological movement disorders. 

Work We Do

The Al Borno Lab conducts research in both the basic and applied sciences. We develop computational models to test and propose new hypotheses in motor neuroscience and we collaborate closely with labs and colleagues on the experimental side. We aim to use this understanding to help patients with movement disorders (e.g., after stroke) by designing long-term daily intensive rehabilitation therapies using wearable technology. 



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