Gibson Biophotonics Laboratory

Gibson Biophotonics Laboratory

Lab Mission

The Gibson Lab specializes in optical engineering and microscopy and develops optical instrumentation for neuroscience research, image guided neurosurgery, and clinical diagnostics.

Collaborations and Tools

The lab has developed head-mounted, fiber-coupled miniature multiphoton microscopes for imaging neural activity in freely moving mice. Use of this microscope for studies of the olfactory system and the technology is now being commercialized by Intelligent Imaging Innovations, Inc.

Work We Do

We have expertise in Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) microscopy to image fluo- rescent samples at 40-50nm resolution as compared to the 200nm diffraction limit in confocal fluorescence microscopy.

With NSF funding, the lab has developed a custom STED microscope to study protein localization in cilia of olfactory sensory neurons and protein localization in dendritic spines.

For more information, see Biophotonics Laboratory.

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