Inworks Innovation Initiative 


Lab Mission

Our goal is to enhance the relationship between cutting-edge design and
clinical environments by achieving high degrees of design customization
and versatility. We want seek to establish new forms of design and novel
processes of design practice at the intersection of that blur the boundaries
between computer science, material engineering, biology, and physiology.
with This integration of multiple disciplines in the design and creation of
specialized tools for clinicians can be applied to many broad applications
across multiple scales.

Collaborations and Tools

We conduct research at the intersection of computational design, digital fabrication, and clinical biology allows us to directly apply this knowledge to design across scales from the cellular scale to the building scale. We create biologically inspired and engineered design fabrication tools and technologies that aim to enhance the relationship between the design and the science cutting edge of the clinical world. Form and function work together in tandem - one does not follow the other - they walk hand in hand. Our research focus area, entitled Concealed Computation, integrates computational form and function finding strategies with digital fabrication
using real-time data and experience. This design approach enables the mediation between doctors and the tools they need; between patients and the tools they need; and between doctors and patients. 

Work We Do

My work combines design with science and technological innovation to create cutting-edge digital fabrication tools and technologies that are specifically designed for the people they serve.

What sets me apart is the fact that I intentionally operate at the intersection of computational design, digital fabrication, materials science, and synthetic biology. We synthesize this knowledge of these fields to design across disciplines and scales and see them as inseparable and harmonized dimensions of design. I create novel and specialized digital fabrication tools and technologies-for clinicians and designers-that engage computational design, digital fabrication, biology, and their subject materials as
inseparable and harmonized dimensions of design. With this approach, my products and methods are designed side by side with clinicians in the operating room - environmentally informed, computationally augmented and, digitally manufactured on-site. Such environmentally informed and engineered. The resulting interfaces include mechanically accurate patient-specific 3D-printed models for presurgical planning and prosthetics, a 3D printed training model for bronchoscopy, and an interactive VR experience for digital anesthesia.

Pairing the creation of new novel technologies for digital fabrication with speculative design, I strive to rethink the future of designs that bring together the interface of the clinicians, the body, the building, and the environment in the bio-digital age.

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