Hunter Clinical Imaging Biomechanics Laboratory

Hunter Clinical Imaging Biomechanics Laboratory

Lab Mission

The Cardiovascular Research Laboratory aims to improve clinical diagnosis and prognosis through the application of engineering mechanics to cardiovascular physiology and functionality.

Collaborations and Tools

The lab is located within Children's Hospital Colorado on the Anschutz Medical Campus, and performs research at the intersection of cardiac and vascular imaging diagnostics, experimental and computational modeling of soft tissue mechanics, and animal models of vascular remodeling.

Work We Do

The combination of computational simulations,

MRI imaging, and machine learning can elucidate mechanistic pathways of disease progression to identify potential therapies. Current projects include studying ventricular-vascular coupling in pulmonary hypertension, blood flow in early diabetes, pulmonary vascular stiffness and patient outcomes, modeling of pulmonary hemodynamics, and LV shape and pulmonary hypertension.
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