Quality Improvement (QI) at University of Colorado


Our NPM fellows have numerous opportunities to learn about and participate in quality improvement.  In addition, there is the potential for more formal curriculum for those focusing their scholarly work/career in this field.

In conjunction with HSR researchers in the Section of Neonatology, participation, and scholarly work within unit-level or state-wide quality improvement projects in partnership with Colorado Perinatal Care Quality Collaborative [cpcqc] is available to trainees. Examples of neonatal initiatives include the Colorado Hospitals Substance Exposed Newborns (CHoSEN) and Data-driven Engagement of Families to Improve the NICU Experience in Colorado (DEFINE Colorado) Quality Improvement Collaboratives.

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Educational Opportunities available to our fellows:



 Active projects:

  • Local (At either the University of Colorado Hospital or Children’s Hospital Colorado NICU)
    • Premedication, video laryngoscopy, and bundle use for neonatal intubations
    • Debriefing after significant clinical events
    • Human milk at discharge 
    • Improving patient family experience 
    • Maintaining the Golden Hour 
    • Timely antibiotic administration for presumed sepsis 
    • Compliance with AAP hyperbilirubinemia guidelines 
    • Safe Sleep 
    • Hospital Acquired Conditions 
  • Regional and National initiatives/Collaborations
    • Children’s Hospitals Neonatal Consortium (CHNC) Project HOME 
    • CHOSEN 
    • DEFINE 
    • National Emergency Airway Registry for Neonates (NEAR4NEOs)


For more information on what quality work is occurring at the Anschutz campus, check out the quality and safety webpage at UCH...




  • Theresa Grover MD, member of the CHNC Collaborative Initiatives in Quality Improvement Steering Committee.
  • Jim Barry MD
  • Rebecca Shay MD
  • Lauren Beard MD
  • Sadie Houin MD
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