GME Quality and Safety Incentive  Program

The GME Quality and Safety Incentive Program works to align quality and safety initiatives between clinical training sites and residency and fellowship programs. The Incentive Program is a collaborative effort between GME, the affiliated hospitals, and the Housestaff Association. Please note  eligibility requirements for participation in this program. The reporting period for the 2024-2025 Incentive Program is July 1, 2024 to April 30, 2025.

Which metric(s) apply to my program?

University of Colorado Hospital (UCH)

The University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) metric for 2024 – 2025 is based on resident/fellow attendance at certified UCHealth Collaborative Case Review conferences (CCR) and completion of the UCH Quality/Safety Module.

University of Colorado Hospital Incentive metric for 2024-2025

CCR conferences will be certified by the University of Colorado Hospital Quality and Patient Safety Team. To promote inter-departmental collaboration, residents/fellows from any training program may attend any certified CCR including those outside their parent department, and some are be offered virtually. Please note that if a conference is not listed on the document below at the time of attendance, it will not count toward attendance for the incentive program.

Click here to see the active list of available certified conferences.

Individual attendance must be tracked and submitted to GME for payout determination. Residents can complete a CCR attendance form via the link below or on MedHub.

Complete the UCH Quality & Safety Module

Click Here to Submit a CCR Attendance Form

Denver Health 

Residency and Fellowship programs with a designated amount of clinical time at Denver Health will be responsible for Denver Health Metrics as a part (50%) of the incentive. The 2024-2025 metric for programs who rotate at Denver Health is based on trainee submission of patient safety occurrence reports through the STARS system at Denver Health and attendance at Denver Health Collaborative Case Reviews (DH CCR - formerly called "loop closure meetings").

To achieve the incentive, training programs need to meet a pre-specified number of submissions determined by the monthly average of trainees in the program rotating at Denver Health. 

The STARS reporting metric is based on program-wide reporting and accounts for 50% (up to $250) of the possible payout. Each resident in the group will earn the same amount depending on the final performance. 

The DH CCR Attendance metric is based on individual attendance. Each individual must document attendance in at least 2 case reviews throughout the year to earn the rest of the DH payout (up to $250). 

For these programs, the other 50% (up to $500) of the incentive is determined by meeting University of Colorado Hospital metrics. 

Denver Health Incentive metric for 2024-2025

About Denver Health Collaborative Case Reviews


Residents and fellows can attend CCRs from any specialty; it does not have to be one hosted by your program. DH CCRs could be morning huddles, existing outcomes or case conferences, etc. – they do not need to be newly established meetings just for addressing patient safety (STARS) reports. We want to encourage these discussions regularly and in settings that work best for a particular team. DH is working on expanding a central list of meetings happening in each department, it’s a great idea to reach out to other departments/programs with whom you work to share schedules and give opportunities to your residents for attending discussions across specialties.

Denver Health CCR Opportunities


Submit a Denver Health CCR Attendance Form



Helpful Resources

Click here to see reporting tier requirements for the Denver Health Metric.

Click here for a helpful guide about Collaborative Case Reviews

Click here for examples of events to report

STARS Reporting System


Children’s Hospital Colorado (CHCO)

Pediatric Residency* Metrics:

There are two quality incentive metrics for the Pediatric Residency (and combined residencies) for 2024-2025: Participation in hospital-wide quality metrics (Emergency Transfers, Adverse Drug Events) AND participation in at least 2 Children's Hospital Collaborative Case Reviews (CHCO CCR). 

Achievement of the hospital-wide metrics will be measured over the course of the year and averaged to determine final incentive payouts. CHCO CCR attendance measures individual achievement.

CHCO pediatric resident metrics - 2 hospital wide metrics and 1 individual metric (attend CCRs)

Submit a CHCO CCR Attendance Form

Pediatric Fellowships Metrics:

Pediatric Fellows have 2 options for participation in the Quality & Safety Incentive Program. 

Option 1: Complete a QI project (opt-in by October 1, 2024 if this is your preferred metric)

Chart explaining CHCO fellows metric option 1 - complete a QI project


Submit your Project to GME for Incentive Program Credit


Option 2: Participation in Resident metrics (Hospital-wide QI Initiatives and CCR attendance). If you do not opt-in to Option 1/QI project, this is the default metric.

Chart explaining CHCO fellows metric option 2 - participate in resident metrics and attend 2 CCRs


Helpful Resources

CHCO QI Project Instructions & Tips

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