Quality & Safety Academy

Co-sponsored by Institute for Healthcare Quality Safety and Efficiency & CU Graduate Medical Education

To provide relevant and applicable training in quality improvement and patient safety enabling CU residents, fellows, and faculty to improve care and enact change in the healthcare system.

Academy Overview
The QSA offers residents, fellows, and faculty in any program affiliated with University of Colorado a series of workshops designed to build foundational knowledge in quality improvement and patient safety enabling attendees to effectively participate in quality and safety work in the clinical setting. Program content builds on itself to support progressive acquisition of competency. The core content areas are Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, and Healthcare Systems Leadership.

Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Introductory Series

3 half-day workshops designed to equip participants with the basics of participating in QI and safety work in the clinical setting.

Patient Safety and Cognitive BiasQI and Change ManagementFinding and using your own Data

Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Fellows Series

Foundations in Patient Safety and Running a Systems-Based M&MQI and Change Management for FellowsMaking QI Academic


Program Coordinator Session- Intro to QI and Application to PC Work


Learning Objectives 

  • Define Quality Improvement
  • Recognize the underlying tenet to all QI approaches
  • List the six steps for successful Quality Improvement
  • Employ QI strategies in PC work
  • Describe how PCs can support trainees in QI work 


Coaching and Teaching Quality: A Workshop for Faculty Quality/Safety Educators