Fatigue Management & Sleep Help  

Hospital Sleep Rooms

In addition to on-call facilities within University Hospital, sleep rooms are available at the Leprino Building – Level 4.  Residents or Fellows can use the door with the badge reader to access the sleep rooms and bathing facilities. 

Wellness Rooms

UCH - Recharge Room (AOP 2005)

Denver Health - RESTORE Support Center - Located on the 1st floor of Pavilion B, adjacent to the Workforce Development Center, open 7 days/week, 10:30-6:00 p.m. RESTOREcenter@dhha.org 

Fatigue Management

Residents and Fellows who feel they are too fatigued to safely drive home may utilize sleep facilities that are in place at the facility at which the Resident/Fellow is working. Taxi fare reimbursement is also available. 


Work Hours

Graduate Medical Education (SOM)

CU Anschutz

Fitzsimons Building

13001 East 17th Place


Aurora, CO 80045


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