Program Coordinator Council

Program Coordinator Council (PCC) Mission Statement ​

The mission of the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine Program Coordinator Council is to provide coordinators a platform to exchange, develop and implement ideas and to foster communication between Program Coordinators, Program Directors and the Office of Graduate Medical Education in order to ensure the success of residency and fellowship training programs. 

As a council, we are dedicated to:

Creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and support among Program Coordinators.
Developing and encouraging opportunities for professional growth.
Educating and collaborating with the campus community on the vital role of the Program Coordinator.​
Any GME coordinator that wishes to join the council is welcome to complete this form​ and send it to the Chair of the Council.

We also encourage you to download the Program Coordinator Manual Template, located at MedHub Home > GME Resources and Documents > Toolkits and Resources for Programs > Program Coordinator Training and Resources > GME Training Guides, this an optional resource created by the PCC to help coordinators define and document their varying and unique responsibilities within their department.

Program Coordinator Council Conference
Program Coordinator Council Annual Conference

Program Coordinator Council Subcommittees

Learn more about our subcommittees below.  Contact the designated subcommittee chair if you're interested in getting involved!

This committee is the face of the PCC! The committee chair reaches out to new coordinators when they arrive to offer PC resources and assistance. Recently, this group created a Program Coordinator Manual Template that several of our peers use on campus. They are also responsible for the Mentor & Mentee Program offered to coordinators on campus.

This committee is the backbone of the PCC. Their major projects include the planning of the Annual Program Coordinator Retreat every summer in addition to the implementation of a new coordinator-focused poster presentation session. Count on this group to help boost your resume.

The PC Community & Wellness Committee is here to support the PC community in the following areas:

PC Wellness - we offer both physical and mental health resources through a monthly online newsletter & host an annual PC wellness retreat.

PC Community & Comradery – we host monthly virtual wellness hours to encourage conversation and games to de-stress & to form a stronger PC community; we host quarterly PC roundtable sessions to exchange ideas & ask questions to the broader PC community.

Neighbor/Community – we promote/organize community service events, such as foodbank volunteering and supporting local families in need.

Program Coordinator Council Leadership

Katie Rowan

Katie Rowan

PCC Chair
E-mail Katie

Pediatric Rheumatology & Nephrology Fellowships

Mallory Pridy

Mallory Pridy

PCC Chair-Elect
E-mail Mallory

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Coordinator

Laura Konopka

Laura Konopka

E-mail Laura

Child Neurology Residency

Sara Dillard

Sara Dillard

E-mail Sara
Psychiatry Fellowships

Adam Finney

Technical Officer
E-mail Adam
Child Neurology Fellowship

Michele Bialkowski

Michele Bialkowski

New Coordinator Subcommittee Chair
E-mail Michele

Neurology Fellowships



Amanda Lassoued

Amanda Lassoued

PCC Professional Development Subcommittee Chair 
E-mail Amanda
Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowships

Ables BW

Holly Ables

PCC Community/Wellness Subcommittee Chair
E-mail Holly
Medical Genetics Fellowship

Aris Molock One to Watch Award

This award recognizes a coordinator who has been in their current role for 1-3 years and is doing great work within their program(s).

2020 Recipient- Becky Alberti-Powell- Rheumatology Fellowships

Becky Alberti-Powell








2019 Recipient- Caitlin Taylor- Neurology Fellowships

Photo of  Caitlin Taylor