UCHealth Certified Collaborative Case Reviews

DepartmentName of Collaborative Case Review (CCR) CommitteeMeeting ScheduleLocation or Virtual LinkContact for CCR Attendance
DermatologyDermatology and MOHS Collaborative Case ReviewLast Wednesday of the month from 7:00 - 8:00amEmail contact for meeting informationNICOLE.DALTON@UCHEALTH.ORG
Emergency MedicineEmergency Department Case Review Committee (EDCRC)2nd Tuesday of the month from 0800-1030 in the ED Conference RoomIn Person: AIP2 1.604 (ED Conference Room) Or Virtual on zoomnicole.lee2@uchealth.org; kelly.bookman@cuanschutz.edu
Family MedicineFamily Medicine CCREvery other even month, days change (2/21/24, 4/17/24)Virtual on ZoomMADELIN.ADAMES@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU
MedicineBMT/BDCTC CCRThird Thursday of the month from 3-4 pm on TeamsEmail contact for meeting informationGLEN.PETERSON@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU
MedicineCollaborative Case Review Cardiology (CCRC)3rd Monday of the month, 1700-1800
Virtual on Zoomkimberly.marshall@uchealth.org; Karen.Ream@cuanschutz.edu
MedicineDivision of Hospital Medicine CCR 3rd Thursday of the month 1400-1500Virtual On ZoomLI-KHENG.NGOV@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU
MedicineDOM Systems Improvement & Collaborative Case Review2nd Tuesday of each month at 1200-1300 via ZoomVirtual On ZoomHEATHER.HALLMAN@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU 
MedicineDOM Systems Improvement & Collaborative Case Review9/13, 12/13, 4/10 | 1200-1300 (during DOM Grand Rounds)Virtual on ZoomHEATHER.HALLMAN@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU 
MedicineEndocrine Safety CommitteeEvery other month, 2nd Wed of month from 1200-1245 ZoomEmail contact for meeting informationHELEN.LAWLER@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU
MedicineGastroenterology and Hepatology Quarterly, as neededEmail contact for meeting informationNIPUN.REDDY@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU

MedicineGeneral Internal Medicine CCR4th Thursday of the month, 12:15-1pmEmail contact for meeting informationLAURA.MACKE@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU 
MedicineGeriatrics Collaborative Care ReviewQuarterlyIn Person: AOP 5th Floor Conference Room (Left when you exit elevator) or Virtual on Zoomthomas.2.johnson@cuanschutz.edu 
MedicineInfectious Disease CCR1st Friday of each month, 1200-1300Email contact for meeting informationBRIAN.MONTAGUE@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU
MedicineMCS (Durable)Collaborative Case Review 4th Friday of month 07:00-8:00Virtual on TeamsKristina.forsmark@uchealth.org 
MedicineMICU Collaborative Case Review3rd Thursday of the month at 1300In Perso: AIP 2 - 10th floor, MICU conference room or Virtual on Teamskatherine.mayer@cuanschutz.edu; maureen.hall@uchealth.org
MedicineOncology Unit CCRSecond Wednesday of the month from 12-1Virtual on TeamsEmily.Robbins@uchealth.org 
MedicineOutpatient Oncology CCR3rd Thursday of the even month from 2:30-3:30 on TeamsVirtual on Teams (Meeting ID: 230 905 744 254
Passcode: nYCYCy )
MedicineRenal Collaborative Case Review CommitteeEvery other month, times and days changeIn-person participation is encouraged:  RC2 7th floor conference room or Virtual on ZoomANNIE.CHEN@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU>
MedicineRheumatology CCREvery other (odd) month, 4th Wednesday 12:15-1:00 on TeamsVirtual Susan.Donahue@uchealth.org
NeurologyNeurology and Neurosurgery (N&N) Stroke Complications Case review2nd Tuesday of the month from 1200-1300 on TeamsVirtual on Teamskerri.jeppson@uchealth.org 
NeurologyNeurology Collaborative Case ReviewsContact Co-Chairs for scheduleEmail contact for meeting informationJENNIFER.SIMPSON@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU; JARRETT.LEECH@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU; ANNA.SHAH@UCDENVER.EDU
NeurosurgeryDepartment of Neurosurgery CCR5th Tuesday @ 09:30Email contact for meeting informationKERRY.BREGA@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU; CHRISTOPHER.ROARK@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU; DAVID.RICKE@UCHEALTH.ORG
OB/GynNeonatal Intensive Care Unit Case Review Committee2nd Monday of the month, 7:30-09:00Virtual on TeamsJAMES.BARRY@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU; BLani.Bowler@uchealth.org
OB/GynUCH Gynecology CCR4th Monday of odd months, at 0730 on TeamsEmail contact for meeting informationDIANE.CHRISTOPHER@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU CHLOE.VANDERVEEN@UCHEALTH.ORG
OB/GynWomen's and Infants Collaborative Case Review4th Thursday of the month 0900Email contact for meeting informationPatricia.Gross@uchealth.org 
OphthalmologySystem Error Elimination (SEE) Conference Every other month, even monthsVirtual on ZoomMONICA.ERTEL@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU 
OrthopedicsOrthopedic Division Collaborative Case Review 3rd Tuesday 1800-1900Email contact for meeting informationDESIREA.ULIBARRI@UCHEALTH.ORG
OrthopedicsTHK  Collaborative Case Review 3rd Friday (every other month) 1300-1400Virtual on Teamsamber.bartlett2@uchealth.org 
OtolaryngologyENT CCREvery other month, days change (2/8/2024, 4/25/2024)In Person: Academic Office Building 1, Room 3101 or Virtual on Zoomdaniel.fink@cuanschutz.edu 
PathologyPatient Blood Management Subcommittee- UCHSecond Wednesday of each month 07:00 (excepting February, May, August and November)IN PERSON: AIP2, 11th floor, conference room 511 or VIRTUAL on Teams, Meeting ID: 281 929 266 999, Passcode: szGJY8 INGRID.CANNON@UCHEALTH.ORG; Stephanie.Bates@CUAnschutz.edu
PediatricsNewborn Nursery CCR2nd Tuesday, from 3pm-4pmEmail contact for meeting informationANNA.RUMAN@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU
Physical Medicine & RehabilitationInpatient Rehabilitation Unit CCRThird Wednesday of the monthIn person: Aip 1, 8th floor conference room on west side Or Virtual on TeamsJan.Hagman@uchealth.org
PsychiatryDepartment of Psychiatry CCR3rd Thursday of the month from 0700-0800 Virtual on ZoomSARAH.SCHWENK@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU; MICHELLE.WEST@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU; Psychiatry-CCR@cuanschutz.edu
Radiation OncologyRadiation Oncology Quality and Safety Collaborative Case Review Committee4th Thursday from 1000-1100Email contact for meeting informationmandy.whitton@cuanschutz.edu 
RadiologyRadiology Quality Case Review (UCH Metro)Third Tuesday of every odd month, 1200-1300Virtual on TeamsTeresa.Bieker@uchealth.org
SurgeryBariatrics Surgery Collaborative Case Review Fourth Wednesday of every ODD month at 730am:  Aug 24, 2023 07:00 AM
        Oct 26, 2023 07:00 AM
Virtual on Zoomerin.shelly@uchealth.org
SurgeryBurn Multidisciplinary Quality Improvement Committee Third Thursday of the month 0900 - 0930 Email contact for meeting informationCOLLEEN.CHEATHAM@UCHEALTH.ORG
SurgeryColon SSI Collaborative Case Review 1st Friday of every other month at 0630Email contact for meeting informationMICHELLE.BALLOU@UCHEALTH.ORG
SurgeryCTICU CCR2nd Thursday of the month 1300-1400Virtual - Email contact for meeting informationERICA.PRATT@UCHEALTH.ORG
SurgeryGITES and Surgical Oncology Collaborative Case Review 4th Tuesday of Each MonthIn Person: L15-6101 or Virtual on ZoomETHAN.CUMBLER@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU
SurgerySTICU CCREvery other month, times and days changeIn person: 2nd Floor AIP2 2.503/2.504 or Email contact for virtual meeting informationDavid.Harris@uchealth.org 
SurgeryTrauma Multidisciplinary Peer ReviewThird Tuesday of the Month 1600-1730 - hybridEmail contact for meeting informationMICHAEL.CRIPPS@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU; REGINA.KRELL@UCHEALTH.ORG
SurgeryUCH Metro Perioperative CCR2nd Friday of each month, 0630-0730Virtual on Teams (Meeting ID: 225 847 246 227
Passcode: kr3bFc)
SurgeryUCHealth Transplant Quality CommitteeKidney/Pancreas, Liver and Living Donation reviews occur the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 1600, Lung if needed usually the second Mondays at 1600, Heart if needed is the 4th Wednesday at 1400.Email contact for meeting informationHeidi.Monroe@uchealth.org
SurgeryUrology CCRQuarterlyEmail contact for meeting informationAMANDA.2.GARZA@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU
SurgeryVascular Collaborative Case Review4th Thursday of the month from 1200-1300 Email contact for meeting informationJENIANN.YI@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU; DAVID.HARRIS@UCHEALTH.ORG
UCHealthPatient Flow CCREven Months, 2nd Tuesday 10-11Email contact for meeting informationdarlene.tady@uchealth.org 
UCHealthRespiratory Collaborative Case ReviewFirst Wednesday of month from 1600 to 1700 on TeamsIn Person: AIP2 5.516dana.wilkening@uchealth.org 

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