Getting Started

In order to get started with our team, we will need you to provide us with  some information about your child, their diagnosis and previous evaluations. This information will help us determine if our clinic is the best fit for your child and  which members of our team should evaluate your child.
We ask you to complete the following paperwork: 

In addition, please provide us with the following information (if available):

  • Copies of previous testing and assessments, such as school records, IEPS (most recent triennial and annual IEP), previous IQ or educational tests, evaluations from speech/OT therapists, and diagnostic medical reports
  • A copy of the genetic lab test result confirming your child’s the X&Y chromosome variation and a copy of the most recent laboratory blood test results (if applicable)
  • A copy of the front and back of your child’s insurance card
Please mail or fax the above information to:
Attn: ExtraordinarY Kids Clinic
13123 E. 16th Ave B140
Aurora CO 80045
Office: 720-777-8361
Fax: 720-777-7868
Once we have received this information, our team will review it, register your child, place your name on our waitlist, and  contact you to discuss your child’s needs and schedule the appropriate appointments once available. If you have questions about how to determine if your insurance will cover these appointments, visit our frequently asked questions page.

Planning Your Visit

Where to Stay

Many of our families and patients travel from a distance and are interested in staying the night at an area hotel. Plus, many of the area hotels offer discounts or shuttles to help in your visit. View a list of area hotels and accommodations.

Driving and Parking Directions

Our eXtraordinarY Kids Clinic is located at the Children’s Hospital Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado. \

If you are participating in research and directed to our Ed2 South building, visit our Map and Directions page to see where to go.

Once your appointment is scheduled

Once we have scheduled your appointment(s), we will send you an appointment packet which will include:

A list of your appointment(s), including date, times and location

Directions to our office

A packet of questionnaires to be completed PRIOR to your appointment. These include questionnaires for the parents, teachers, and the patient. These questionnaires help us to screen for neurodevelopmental and behavioral difficulties some children or adolescents may have. We will provide a return envelope for you to return these to us ahead of time.

During your visit

Our team has extensive experience in working with children and young adults of all ages and ability levels. While some of the testing and appointments may be long, we will provide your child with opportunities to take breaks, get snacks, and go to the bathroom as needed. Lunch breaks will always be provided. Due to the complex schedules of many of our providers, you may have a significant amount of time between appointments, in which case we can direct you to some areas of the hospital which may offer more entertainment during that time. On average, each medical and therapy appointment lasts approximately 2 hours, and each assessment (i.e. psychology) appointment may last 4-6 hours. Patient appointments can take up to 4 days during a clinic week, depending on which providers are being scheduled to be seen.


After your visit

After the clinic evaluation is completed, each family will have a feedback meeting with various members from our team to review the results, diagnoses, and recommendations from the team evaluations and receive an After Visit Summary with these findings. In addition, families will receive a comprehensive report in the mail with detailed results from each clinic team member including: a summary of diagnoses, impressions, and recommendations for the parents, medical providers, therapists and educators. These full reports can be lengthy and take a few weeks to be mailed out. 
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