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The eXtraordinarY Kids Clinic launched in 2007 by Founder and Director, Nicole Tartaglia, MD. Dr. Tartaglia developed this unique interdisciplinary clinic team to address the medical, developmental, and psychological needs of children and adolescents with X&Y chromosome variations. Providers on this team and possible evaluations include:

Developmental Pediatrics

  • ​Medical consultation and physical examination related to X&Y chromosome variations
  • ​Developmental assessments and monitoring for prenatally diagnosed infants and young children
  • ​Medication consultation and management for emotional and behavioral disorders and ADHD

Genetic Counseling

  • ​Family history review and interpretation (including medical, developmental and psychological history) 
  • ​Genetic lab and diagnosis interpretation, consultation, and recommendations 
  • Prenatal diagnosis genetic counseling


  • ​Evaluation for puberty and testosterone management, thyroid problems, diabetes, and other hormonal issues. 

Occupational Therapy

  • ​Motor skills (Gross and fine motor), Sensory processing, and self-care skills assessment 

Speech and Language

  • Speech and language disorder assessments including apraxia and dyspraxia evaluation


  • ​Learning disability, executive functioning, and ADD/ADHD evaluation
  • ​School and treatment recommendations

Clinical Psychology

  • ​Social and emotional disorder evaluation (i.e. anxiety or depression)
  • Evaluation for autism and other social difficulties and behavior problems


We see children and adolescents with X&Y chromosome variations from within and outside of Colorado. Each patient is unique in terms of their needs and the family’s concerns. Therefore, appointments are tailored to meet the needs of the patient and family. By identifying which providers on our team are most appropriate for the child based on the parental concerns, the child’s age, previous evaluations and current interventions.

The more information provided to our team ahead of time, the better we are in making this determination. Once a child is seen in our clinic, we can determine together whether or not follow-up care is recommended for your child. During each clinic week, our team meets to discuss the results for each patient and to provide comprehensive and coordinated recommendations, considering each individual child and their specific needs.

Feedback sessions are provided within the patient’s schedule in order to meet with the family to discuss these results and recommendations. 

After the clinic evaluation has been completed, each family will receive a comprehensive report with the results from each clinic team member including: a summary of diagnoses, impressions, and recommendations for the parents, medical providers, therapists and educators.

We run clinic two weeks per month, and unfortunately there is typically a waiting list for the clinic. Each clinic has a limited number of appointments with each of our providers, so who your child is going to see can impact how long the waitlist is to be seen. Seeing the entire team often results in the longest wait. Children under the age of 5 may have a shorter wait.

For more information about our clinic model of care, read our publication:
The eXtraordinarY Kids Clinic: an interdisciplinary model of care for children and adolescents with sex chromosome aneuploidy.

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