Conditions We See

The eXtraordinarY Kids Clinic is a unique multidisciplinary clinic that addresses the medical, developmental, and psychological needs of children or adolescents with X&Y chromosome variations. After a clinical evaluation, families receive a comprehensive report detailing specific recommendations for the child based on their condition and assessment in order to support the child’s developmental, academic and emotional needs, as well as medical management. Developmental assessments for infants and children with a prenatal diagnosis are provided. Patients in the clinic are also followed for medication management if needed.

What are X&Y Chromosome Variations?

X&Y chromosome variations are commonly diagnosed from a blood test called a karyotype and the results show that the individual has an additional X and/or Y chromosome. These conditions, depending on the result, can occur in males or females. Examples of X&Y chromosome variations include:

  • 45,X (Turner Syndrome)‚Äč
  • 47,XXY (Klinefelter Syndrome)
  • 47,XXX (Triple X, Trisomy X, Triplo X)
  • 47,XYY
  • 48,XXYY
  • 48,XXXY
  • 48,XXXX (Tetrasomy X)
  • 49,XXXXY
  • 49,XXXXX (Pentasomy X)

To learn more about having your child evaluated, if your child has an X&Y chromosome variation, visit our frequently asked questions page.

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