Shi-Long Lu, MD, PhD

Research Activities

Head and Neck Cancer Laboratory‚Äč‚Äč

Summary of the Lab's work
Our lab focuses on fundamental and translational aspects on head and neck cancers, including head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) and salivary gland tumors (SGTs). Specifically, our lab works on delineating the roles of PI3K and TGFb signaling pathway, cancer stem cell, and oral microbiome in HNSCC pathogenesis, identifying saliva biomarkers for early detection, recurrence, and surveillance of HNSCC, and developing novel therapeutic approaches for HNSCC. Several key discoveries from our lab are: (1) We were among the firsts to develop multiple genetically engineered mouse models (GEMMs) of HNSCC in both PI3K and TGFβ pathways. In combination with tobacco carcinogenesis protocol, these models develop HNSCC, which mimic human HNSCC etiologically, pathologically and molecularly. (2) We recently developed GEMMs for human SGTs, and are using these models to study the role of PTEN and Smad4 in SGT pathogenesis. (3) We have identified a panel of methylated genomic loci encoding microRNAs, which can be detected in patient saliva, to serve as biomarkers for early diagnosis, recurrence, and surveillance of HNSCC patients. (4). In collaboration with our colleague, we are among the firsts to study the functional role of oral microbiome in HNSCC pathogenesis and its impact on immunotherapy and PI3K targeted therapy. (5). In collaboration with our colleague, we are developing a novel therapeutic approach using an immunotoxin-based therapy on HNSCC models we have developed. 


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