Scholarly Projects 2020-21

Bratton, Emory (Audiology) -  Review of Mentor Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teenagers

Chettiar, Nita (Family) - Systems navigation modules for parents of children newly diagnosed with ASD

Conlan, Kelsey (SLP) - Naturalistic Approaches to Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Das Chaudhuri, Sayani (Diversity) -Developing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Self-Assessment Tool to Examine the Practices and Beliefs of Special Education Staff

Fontes, Alejandra (OT) - Promoting Employment Outcomes for Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Lattanzi, Kendal (SLP) - Evaluating the Acceptability of a Social Story for Black & Brown Children with Autism in Police Interactions

McCoy, Katie (SW) - Project SCOPE (Supporting Children of the Opioid Epidemic): Implementing a telementoring-series based on the ECHO® Model to support children of the opioid epidemic

Morales, Andrea (Diversity) - Increasing diversity in providers who provide services for individuals with I/DD

Olivares, Vanessa (Audiology) - Intercultural communication barriers perceived by Spanish speaking families and providers

Petre-Hill, Amy (Spiritual Care) - Assessing & Addressing Spiritual Interests and Access to Spiritual Communities in the Individual Service Plans of Adults with IDD

Reynolds, Hailee (SW) - Mental Health, Autism, and Your Child: A Guide for Identifying Mental Health Symptoms and Caring for Your Child

Rosen, Tamara (Psych) - From clinic to classroom: Two case studies of youth with ASD and anxiety from the school-based Facing Your Fears program and Guide for Professionals on Identifying and Addressing Mental Health Symptoms in Children and Teens with Autism

Sandercock, Rachel (Psych) - Characterizing Behavioral Outbursts in Autism

Schremp, Nicole (PT) -  Transition to Adulthood for Patient's with Neuromuscular Disorders  Figure

Slaymaker, Kristen (DBP) - Developmental Trajectories of Youth in Foster Care  Quick Guide for Physicians

Yankowitz, Lisa (Psych) - Training interdisciplinary school providers to deliver CBT for anxiety in students with autism spectrum disorder: Impact on knowledge and self-efficacy

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