Autism Intervention Research Network - Physical Health (AIR-P)

Principal Investigator: Alice Kuo, MD, PhD, MBA, UCLA

Collaborating Research Entity Principal Investigator: Sandra L. Friedman, MD, MPH

The Autism Intervention Research Network on Physical Health establishes and maintains an interdisciplinary, multicenter research network for scientific collaboration and infrastructure to increase the life expectancy and quality of life for autistic individuals, particularly for underserved and vulnerable populations. The purpose of the AIR-P is to support innovative life course intervention research that promotes optimal health and well-being of autistic individuals across the lifespan.

JFK Partners has been active in the Health Systems and Services Node. The goal of this node is to develop clear metrics and foster connections among researchers and policymakers to improve care coordination and service delivery that truly moves the needle on population-level life course outcomes. This video shares more information about the activities of this research node and includes interviews from a diverse self-advocate and family member to discuss the challenges during transition periods. 

AIR-P Scholars from Developmental Pediatrics/JFK Partners: 

Jessi Soloman Sanders, MD - Specialty Neurodevelopmental Care for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder - What Works

Lindsey DeVries, PhD - The Birds and Bees: A pilot study of a parent-mediated sexuality education program for preteens and teens on the Autism Spectrum

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