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ENRICH Early Intervention Services

ENRICH is an early intervention team that provides supports and services to families who have children up to three years of age with developmental delays. ENRICH has been supporting children's learning and development in Colorado since 1994. Children with developmental delays sometimes need extra support to fully enjoy, participate, and learn in everyday routines and activities such as playing, communicating with others, moving around, eating, sleeping, and bathing. ENRICH works with families to support each child's learning and development in the everyday places where families spend time - in the home, childcare program, and other places in the community. Printable ENRICH Brochure  ENRICH Timeline

Major Goals:
  • Implement a service delivery model of early intervention for young children with developmental disabilities and their families utilizing resources in their community and focusing on life situations and daily routines;
  • Increase independence and active participation of children with developmental disabilities in everyday routines, activities and places;
  • Provide a milieu of family/team collaboration to generate strategies based upon the families' priorities and concerns.
Funding for ENRICH Services:

The ENRICH team and service coordinator will help families explore funding options for the ENRICH services that are part of the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). These funding options may include such sources as private insurance, public insurance (such as Medicaid), or Community Centered Boards. If ENRICH is providing services independent of a child's IFSP, the ENRICH team can help explore options for funding.

Getting Started with ENRICH

The first step is to contact Colorado's Early Intervention Colorado Program. EI Colorado provides assessment for children birth to three years of age at no cost to families. EI Colorado also assures eligible children and their families access to early intervention supports and services. If you have not been in touch with your local EI Colorado Program, ENRICH can assist you in contacting them. Please contact Renee Charlifue-Smith, MA, CCC-SLP regarding the ENRICH program: 303-724-7632 or

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