ENRICH Early Intervention Reunion Videos

The ENRICH Early Intervention team has been supporting the learning and development of infants and toddlers in Colorado since 1994. As with most age-eligible early childhood services, over the years our practitioners lose touch with children and families who graduate from the program.  The “Reunion Videos” project re-connects with families who received early intervention services as long as 20 years ago. In these videos the families look back at archival photos and videos and discuss what early intervention services meant to them, which aspects of the services were most useful, and what has happened since. Additional videos will be added.

Jennifer walking down a sidewalk with her Mom. Amy and twin sister Meg sit together.
Meg Bost talking about her sister.

A Reunion with Jennifer (Runtime: 14:08)
In this video Kendi and Kirby Hylton tell the story of Jennifer’s hemispherectomy. They also discuss what they found most useful about the early intervention services they received over 10 years ago for both of their children and how things have progressed since then.

A Reunion with Amy (Runtime: 14:46)
In this video Senator Irene Aguilar, MD and Tom Bost, MD tell the story of the birth of their twin daughters. They also discuss what they found most useful about the early intervention services they received for Amy 20 years ago and the philosophies they adopted that continue to enable them to maintain the quality of life they desire for their family. The video also features an interview with Amy’s identical twin, Meg.

Being Amy’s Sister (Runtime: 13:42)
In this video Meg Bost, a college student, describes her experiences growing up as a twin with a sister with disabilities. Meg talks about finding support, accepting her feelings, and finding her voice as an advocate. This video has important messages for family members of children with disabilities, especially sisters and brothers, as well as providers who offer support for families. This video is a companion to the video A Reunion with Amy, also posted on this page.