Traineeships and Fellowships

JFK Partners offers training opportunities for graduate students and emerging professionals interested in specializing in working with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Our training topics are diverse, but share the common goal of enhancing the quality of services for children, youth, and adults with disabilities and their families.

As part of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, JFK Partners’ faculty offer knowledge and experience that guides each trainee’s learning experiences. Training experiences are composed of coursework, a Scholarly Project, practicum, and/or clinical placements.

Coursework covers a variety of topics including leadership, consultation, and interdisciplinary teamwork skills; essential concepts in systems change, and the evaluation and treatment of autism and developmental disabilities. Stipends from federal grants are provided to program participants as they complete their training year. 

2023-24 JFK Partners Trainees and Fellows

Disciplines included in our annual cohort of approximately 20 long-term trainees come from the following areas:

Application due: Sept 22, 2023

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Fellowship

Family: Parent or Sibling Traineeship
Applications Due: Mar 15, 2024

Genetic Counseling Traineeship
Applications Due: Mar 15, 2024

Nutrition Traineeship
Applications Due: 

Occupational Therapy Fellowship
Applications Due: Mar 15, 2024

Physical Therapy Fellowship
Applications Due: Jan 1, 2024

Psychology Training Program

Public Health Traineeship
Application due: Mar 15, 2024

Rehabilitation Counseling Traineeship
Application due: Mar 15, 2024

Self-Advocacy Traineeship
Application due: Mar 15, 2024

Education/Special Education Traineeship
Application due: Mar 15, 2024

Speech-Language Pathology Fellowship
Application Due: Mar 15, 2024